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March 1 , 2021
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 ( Trancelucent ,  Oct. 2004 )

1. Noga- Intelligent Species 143bpm 8:40 2. Bizzare Contact vs. Dooper Doopler- Hallucination 144bpm 7:19 3. Aquatica- The Access Code 145bpm 7:21 4. Electro Sun- Vanilla 145bpm 7:31 5. System Nipel- Radiance 145bpm 7:24 6. The Misted Muppet- Night Wish 149bpm 5:53 7. Uriel- Discobles 145bpm 7:44 8. Pardigma- Isolated 145bpm 7:03 9. Visual Paradox vs. Bizzare Contact- Tarim Taof 143bpm 7:12

Cyberdelica is a compilation compiled by Homsy of Trancelucent. The track list looks more like something Compact Records would release actually. Not so surprisingly it was also mastered by DJ Bog from Compact records. These two labels - Trancelucent and Compact are getting more alike with each passing day, which is quite a shame since Israeli music could use some variety.

Noga opens the compilation with Intelligent Species (T1) - quite relaxed and atmospheric but nothing too special. Dooper Doopler joins Bizzare Contact for the second track Ė Hallucinating (T2). Sounds more like Bizzare Contact than Dooper Doopler to be honest - and it's quite a good one. Aquatica - The Access Code (T3) is a typical Aquatica track - killer bass and dreamy melodies which make up a very good combination. Vanilla (T4) by Electro Sun is the fourth track, this time with Ido Ohayon playing the guitars. This one's a party track - percussions groove and powerful guitars. Iíve heard better from Electro Sun but it does the work on the dance floor. System Nipel Ė Radiance (T5) is one of the best here. Lush melodic lines and a very uplifting put-your-hands-in-the-air touch to the track. We're taking a break from the fluff and cheese now - The Misted Muppet is here! Night Wish (T6) is a fast, dark, hard, strong, powerful and very misted track. The fun continues with Uriel Ė Discobles (T7), this time taking us to groove land. Constantly changing, this is definitely one to make you move! Pardigma is a new act with some good music but their track, Isolated (T8), has nothing new or groundbreaking. Still itís not too bad and I'm looking forward to hearing more from them. Bizzare Didy joins Bog & Uriel for the last track, Tarim Taof (T9) (Hebrew for "pick up the chicken"). Cooking food in the kitchen probably inspired them to cook up this track, nice track - a bit different than Visual Contactís usual style.

Recomendation:  If you love Israeli melodic full on, this one's for you. Most of the tracks are ok and will give you a nice big smile. There are many styles on this one - from uplifting melodic tracks such as Radiance to fast and pounding music such as Night Wish - this compilation will satisfy a wide range of listeners.

Favorite tracks:3,5,6,7

Review by : Mike A.

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