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June 27 , 2019
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Digicult - Out of this World

 ( Dacru ,  Mar. 2008 )

1. Star Travel 7:12 145bpm 2. Days In Space (vs. U-Recken) 6:56 144bpm 3. Out of this World 6:38 146bpm 4. Red Planet 6:36 146bpm 5. Cosmic Company 6:25 146bpm 6. Awaken the Dream 6:27 146bpm 7. Magic 6:29 147bpm 8. Icarus One 6:25 146bpm 9. The Return (vs. Fatali) 6:36 140bpm

Out Of This World is the second album of Digicult, and I must say what a wonderful album it is. Since the release of Trold – Time Of Illusion - I didn´t enjoy so much a Full On album. Digicult project is composed by DJ Nemesis and Alpha (Bert de Decker and Davy Piessens). Having released some tracks in compilations, and their Debut album: Avenida de Belgica, I never found myself too much of a fan of their music, but this album completely changed my opinion about this project.
But let us see what music “Out Of This World” brought to us:
Star Travel (T1) is the opening track of the album, and it is a total dance floor smasher. This one has it all: good danceable side, melodious scales, groovy feeling, twisted lines, and great bass line. There are some samples related to space, to the universe, that creates a nice story. Nice opener. Favourite.
Days In Space (T2) is a tune composed by two projects: Digicult and U-Recken. This one revolves around some mad melodies, full of energy and pumping style. Once more, we can hear samples, and this time related to human evolution. The bass line in Days In Space, isn´t so deep like in the previous track, and it has an approach not so profound, if I must say. At about 4:11 we have a major brake, preceded by some melodious notes, and when the “hammer falls” it is followed by two distinct moments: first is the trademark of Digicult, and the second with Israeli trademark – in this case U-Recken characteristics – which I particularly like this moments of music, from 5:40 to 6:05.
Out Of This World (T3), starts with some iniquitous resonances, and some samples related to travelling in space. At 1:18 minutes enters some sponge sounds effects trashing, and this effect remembered me some old GMS or even Talamasca sonorities. After this, the tune slows down a little bit, and again some samples appear, and we continue on a groovy bass line, and here and there some melodious sonorities, and in some point it seems we enter in a magical carpet voyage, and right after this short voyage, we get a usual build up that ends with some banging stuff.
Red Planet (T4) is a clear reference to Mars, and the sample that initiates this music, is in total accordance to it. This one goes flowing in waves of pleasing melodious leads, till the track in a certain point starts to engage in recreation, and it leaves the melodic aspect a little bit and enter in some abnormal moments, with some twisted touches in the background, leaving the more harmonic stuff in the front.
Cosmic Company (T5) leaves the humour of the two previous tracks, were things relaxed a little bit, to start full stomping. It begins with a deep bass, which is accompanied with the perfect dose of kick. It has some twisted leads creating great dynamic. It also has some samples related to the primordial times of human race, and with the possibility of connecting with thinking beings out there in the universe, and some sea gulls samples accompanying it. Resuming: this one is totally orientated to the dance floor, and I am sure it makes “damage” on it. Favourite.
Awaken The Dream (T6) begins rather relaxed, but it is right away built with some sounds that remind me Goa trance sonorities and mixed with some weirdo sounds on the background. This one embraces in a harmonious expedition, and more to the end, after a long build up, it explores the Goa Trance sonorities to an even higher exponent. Favourite.
In Magic (T7) track, things in the beginning cool down a little bit. But this quickly changes more ahead, in where the tune enters a state of melodious sounds being “thrown” in every direction. This one is probably, the most melodic track of the whole album. It seems it cries it seems it laughs; it seems it has a life of it´s own. I liked very much the work was made on the guitar on this tune. Favourite.
Icarus One (T8), I can be totally mistaken but I think the samples included on this music are from the movie Sunshine – Solar Mission. Once more we are introduced into pleasantly harmoniously sounds, a nice rhythm and overall dynamic.
And so we reach our final track: The Return (T9). Fatali and Digicult slowed down things a lot, being this one the slowest tune of the album with a BPM of 140, all the others are 145 or up. It has a more progressive approach, with trademarks of both projects. It has a different mood, from the line it was explored in the whole album, but it is also a nice journeying, more clam, subtle and above all: relaxed.
The mastering of the CD was made by Johannes Regnier at Silicon Sound Studio.
The artwork was made by Gary Tonge at Vision-Afar.com.

Recomendation:  Digicult was able to build a solid album, with great moments of music orientated to the “light” side… music aimed to the mornings, but don´t get yourselves mistaken, this isn´t fluffy music, this one was built with intelligence, and to get the listener in a voyage through mystical places of harmonious music. I put this album, at the same level, of great albums like, No Rules from GMS, Musica Divinoruum from Talamasca, because although they are from different schools, and some years and different technologies split the albums, the feeling, the magic, the energy, it is all there.

Favorite tracks:5, 6, 7.

Review by : a3k

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