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June 19 , 2024
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Fatali is Eitan Carmi, born 1984 in Nazareth Illit (a city in northern Israel), and still lives there. He plays the keyboard and the drums.

For Eitan, it started when he was 13. He discovered electronic music and began fooling around with Impulse Tracker (an antique music making program). 3 years later, he discovered MIDI and some heavier music making programs. On that period he was making heavy and hard music with a friend under the name Bobcat, just for fun. It all changed when he met Avihen Livne, better known as Cosma. As Eitan says, Avihen "Showed him the light". That meeting was a major turning point in his life, when he suddenly began to think a different way. They became good friends.

Today, Eitan's music is melodic, easy-going and suited for the dance floors. He has been touring the world extensively, and has already been to Brazil, Mexico, Belgium, UK, Amsterdam, Denmark and a lot more.

Being only 18 when his first album was released, he feels that playing his music to people around the world and see them smiling and screaming, enjoying themselves, is the best feeling in the world, especially in such a young age. It's a dream that came true.

Fatali's first album, Moments, was released on the English label: Alchemy.

His second album, Faith, Will be released on September on BNE/Yoyo. Eitan says that we can expect a better production, a more intelligent feel and a more melodic approach.

Fatali has also released:
Fatali Ultrasmooth (Virtual Memory)
Fatali Shade Runner (AI Part 1)
Fatali More (Influx Visions)
Fatali City of God (Wild Life)
Quantum Flangerized (Fatali RMX, Flangerized CDS)
Perplex & Fatali - 50 Drops (Perplex Cirlces of Life)
Fatali & Bizzare Contact-Psychedelic Emotion (Doppler FX)
Fatali & Dark Soho-Around The World (Doppler FX)
Fatali & Goma-Dawn Patrol (Light)
Fatali Reborn (Psychedelic Radio)
Fatali - Ultrasmooth (Goa 2003 Vol. 2).

Desktop Pc.P4- 2400 Hz.512 Ram with Luna 2 Soundcard

Zeus Lap top with 2400 Hz 512Ram With Emagic Soundcard

Rbx Mixer with 8 channels.
Evolution 5 octaves Midi Controller

Samson Reslov 65a active monitors

Cubase Sx 2 & Nuendo 2 with all possible plug-ins and instruments


Personal email: eitanfatali@hotmail.com
Booking email: booking@bne.co.il
For any other info: mainframe@bne.co.il

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