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February 28 , 2020
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Double Impact - Zero

 ( Luna Music ,  Apr. 2002 )

1. Zero Gravity 12:09 2. Genetic Synthetic 8:59 3. Some Music 7:56 4. Techno-Mini-Bit 7:04 5. Zero Point Energy 7:59 6. Mystic Eyes 7:14 7. Canít Go Back 7:10 8. Night Train 9:47

After releasing 3 vinyls, Luna Music presents us the full story- Double Impact's debut album, Zero. As promised by the vinyls the guys have a lot of talent and their own unique sound and story to tell, which is totally different than anything else you've heard.
It opens with Zero Gravity, a long weird low-tech sounding slow airy piece of groovy breaky music. Hypnotic float in zero gravity. Follows one of their favorite tracks with me- Genetic Synthetic (released in a longer version on the 12") is a totally psychotic track, with powerful drive, bouncy groove, great sounds from other dimensions and an ever-changing story line taking you through different changes and stages. It keeps changing but somehow stays glued together. I love that flipping metal sheet kick. Excellent. Some Music (T3) will probably be recognized as the "swords track", the swords are clashing all around the track. This is quite chaotic, with short twisted alien melodic lines, and a lot of crazy sounds coming in and out constantly, all entangled together, in a monotonic repetitive beat. Highly psychedelic. Techno-Mani-Bit follows, more spacey and less packed, yet still with a lot of weirdo flying sounds- space ducks are upon us! Zero Point Energy (T5) is a nice repetitive semi dark track with a lot of percussion and hi-hats work. This track is hard work for the brain, with a pounding kick all alone down there and a lot of madness running around in the high department. Mystic Eyes (T6) takes a dramatic turn with goose bumps sounds and a strong drive. Hard and crunchy and a sure floor scorcher. Can't Go Back (T7) is another favorite, a real dreamy, yet jumpy track with a totally out-of-this-world liquid feel to it. Night Train closes in a real spooky atmosphere- a frightening dark downtempo piece.

Recomendation:  Double Impact certainly have their own unique thing going and make excellent night psytrance. They just have to improve the sound, those kicks really need a facelift badly. Shame about it. If you're sensitive in the sound department beware. If you're looking for something different and very psychedelic- check it out.

Favorite tracks:1, 2, 6, 7, 8.

Review by : Shahar

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