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February 28 , 2020
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Electro Sun - Pure Blue

 ( Trancelucent ,  Jan. 2005 )

1. Pure Blue 140 bpm 7:11 2. Sundance 140 bpm 7:28 3. I've Got The Power 144 bpm 6:54 4. Fucking Music 142 bpm 8:04 5. Stretch 145 bpm 7:34 6. Vanilla 145 bpm 7:26 7. In My Dream (Album Edit) 145 bpm 6:44 8. Momento 145 bpm 6:48 9. Super Nova 145 bpm 6:32

Electro Sun is Nadav Elkayam, a relatively new and young producer from southern Israel. His record so far includes some tracks released on various compilations, mainly in collaboration with other artists. In this album he also collaborates with 3 artists he had worked with before- Bizzare Contact, System Nipel and Brain Damage.

The first track is also the title track- Pure Blue. It introduces us to the sound of Electro Sun. Happy melodies, emotional atmosphere and relaxed yet full sound. This one builds slowly towards the terrific ending. Going next to Sundance, same concept but this time with special traps and surprises for everyone's delight. The first collaboration on this album is with Bizzare Contact on track number 3- I've Got the Power. Picking up pace here and changing the style a bit, this one definitely means power and it really sounds like a mixture of Bizzare Contact's pounding style with Electro Sun's melodic style. Fucking Music is a track made with System Nipel. This combination yielded a great track, We Can Fly, released on The Natural Waves of Sound. There is no disappointment in here, a great emotional track, sure to make everyone smile. Back to the power, this time a solo track by sunny boy- Stretch. Again, beautiful melodies stitched together in a dancefloor friendly structure. The 6th track, Vanilla, should have been left out. It's an old track below the standards of this album, and it was also released before on Cyberdelica. In My Dream brings us back to the fun with one of the most addictive tracks on this album. It just makes you want to hear it over and over again. Momento comes next. A classic morning track- put your hands in the air and fly! Super Nova (produced together with Brain Damage) has perfect layered melodies and a slow feel to it- this track is screaming tears of joy. What a great finish to this sunrise CD.

Recomendation:  This is one of the best melodic morning albums I've heard in a while. Thumbs up to Trancelucent for releasing this excellent debut album. This is light full on music for the sunrise hours or for times when you've had enough of mind boggling psychedelic music and need some cheesy fluff music to dive into. Favorites: 1, 2(!), 4(!), 7, 9(!).

Review by : Mike A.

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