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June 26 , 2019
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 ( Nanorecords ,  Oct. 2002 )

1. Protoculture- Ultra Phunktional 9:16 2. Rinkadink- Ultima 6:57 3. Hydrophonic- Disorient Express 9:16 4. Boogie Section vs. Bent Sensient- Freak of da Week! 9:55 5. Whiplash- Syntax & Whiskey 7:13 6. Hydrophonic- Reality Game 8:15 7. Hydrophonic- Elephunktitus 8:54 8. Protoculture- Synergism 9:51 9. Protoculture- Metaphysical 8:44

Nano records, a new South African label supply what is for me the freshest compilation of 2002. All made by South African artists, it shows the vibe is very much alive down there. This makes me wanna go party in South Africa!!!
It starts dark with Protoculture but right in the middle of the track you understand weíre talking happy morning vibes here. Rinkadink asserts this with Ultima- total morning madness. Then it just rolls on with the cute Freak of da Week!, the thrashing Whiplash track, the bouncy guitary Elephunktitus, Synergism with itís psychedelic guitars, and the heart penetrating Metaphysical (which reminds me the good old Etnica days in a way). Strong morning tracks with powerful atmosphere and a story that is not afraid to be long and build up and totally succeeds in doing so- I had enough of 6-7 minute long formulated tracks with expected boring build ups and the same old sounds and tricks, and totally no soul. We got some inspiration here at last!!!
I keep playing this everywhere for a month now and still didnít get bored, and I get A LOT of music every week!

Recomendation:  Surprise CD of the year! Excellent morning psychedelic trance with the right spirit, great vibe, good story, real music, strong atmosphere, and a lot of optimism. Own it!!!
Favorites: 1, 2(!), 4, 5(!), 8(!).

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