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October 20 , 2021
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est (second session)

 ( Doof ,  May. 2004 )

1. Syllabass vs. U-Recken- Two Bastards 9:34 2. Zebra-N- Man on A Mission 7:18 3. Azax Syndrome vs. Winter Demon- Black Zodiac 7:39 4. Nexus- Observe the Darkness 7:55 5. Double R.E.L- My Beloved One 7:21 6. Entropy- Pedro 8:12 7. Zirkin- After Effect 7:45 8. Dissociactive- Lakrimoza 8:55 9. Cactus- Green Liquid 5:11

Doof records are back with the second part of the new double compilation that can be ordered separately but tells essentially the same story. This is a bedtime story told for those who resist on going to sleep, a nighttime tale with lots of twisted sounds and pumping basslines. All packed in wonderful cover and shipped with a DJ slip to put in your CD case just in case you lost your way in the sonic mayhem.

The compilations explodes in your face with A-la-Psysex breakbeatish bleeping intro but soon enough heavy machinery exposed us to the sick twisted world of Syllabass and U-Recken. Both of them being true followers of the Doof sound give us exactly what we are prepared for. Pure night full on with enough twists in the structure to keep you interested. Nice one. Zebra-N are Dutch representatives of the Doof sound. After we learn from the wicked sample in the beginning, where the mind of man rests, we are moved instantly to fast, rumbling and scratching sound. The tune is filled with pretty funny samples that make you release a little smile, just before the beat reappears and grinds you again. This is very nice and well built tune. Next- Warning! This is a double feature. 2 of the Israeli dark psytrance kings collaborated on this tune. All the effort was made that you wonít stay still when this tune is played. Even a fluff junky as me canít stay still with this smasher, and it even has a little melody inside. What a pleasant surprise... not being sarcastic at all. Itís probably the best tune I heard from those artists. The samples though, they have to be more sensible with the samples. (T4) Yay. Miguel a.k.a. Nexus is up next. For good reasons he is my favorite Portuguese producer. This guy knows precisely what my ears and legs need these days. And he does deliver. Though Observe the Darkness is not as good as his tune on the first Doof EST compilation, this one is very danceable as well. Next is another double feature. Two Ariels or Double R.E.L. if youíd like. In direct continuation to the first EST, those guys deliver us another weird number. This one starts pretty standard, if any standard can be applied to anything youíll hear on this compilation. After 3 minutes the tunes takes an unusual turn. The secret ingredient is revealed in the form of violins and some sort of Godfather like melody. Weird? Indeed. Thatís how I like it. Entropy is up next (T6). Dark, darker and some more darkness is whatís on the menu. This is a slower tune than the rest. Really slow and dark grinder. Zirkin is Doof co-founder and he presents here his psychedelic recipe for night music. Gotta admit that itís one of the hardest tunes Iíve ever heard in my life. At first I heard it on headphones on my way back home and it was quite a traumatic experience. Imagine yourself, dark neighborhood in 8PM with a lot of suspicious looking youngsters with nothing to do at these late hours, and me, tired aged kid with headphones at full volume. Not a pretty sight I tell ya... Now itís time for some Russian Vodka sounds donít you think? Dissociactive (T8) bring us their twisted sounds + some over amplified bassline and childish melody to make it even more insane than it already is. The tune is pretty good but unfortunately the bassline eats all the sonic space and makes it really hard to receive all the other sonic ingredients. Avi Sakorka a.k.a. Cactus is a newcomer and this tune is very good taster from him. Very clean and spacious sound. Not that it takes a bit of the psychedelia of the tune. Too bad it was too short and the structure was too hectic.

Recomendation:  Well this is Doof, so you should know what to expect. Dark, crazy psychedelic sounds with a lot of surprises in the way that only the Doof crew can pull. Unfortunately the mastering is not that good. The sound overall is too compressed and the bassline sound stronger than they perhaps should sound. But, for night music, EST1 would be the right choice.
Favorites: 1, 3-5, 9.

Review by : Pavel

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