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August 4 , 2020
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Fatali - Dawn

 ( BNE ,  May. 2006 )

1. Before The Dawn (Intro) 2. Deep (138BPM) 3. Ocean View (140BPM) 4. Flip (142BPM) 5. 2nd Episode (144BPM) 6. Homeless (143BPM) 7. Dawn (144BPM) 8. Free (145BPM) 9. Booster (143BPM) 10. If We Touch (142BPM)

Almost a year and half after the release of the second fatali album we have the third studio album "Dawn" released by BNE/Yoyo Records. Let’s hear the tracks:
The starting track guides us through an evil realm filled with lurking energies, flowing mists and unsettled mad souls waiting for their pray in the shadows. There is a quirky sample trying to tell us something but it doesn't manage either I cannot understand it? We leave behind the evil realm and feel safer because the samples are on the good side now and we are taking of with a crispy kick waiting for the bass line to layer it. Nice mid tone filling bass line sound, perfectly correlated with the kick and the rest of the drum set. The slow build up is well arranged, on every 16th there is a new layer kicking in, adding to the dynamics of the track. Yeah! Multi layered professional sound which makes my head node. The long breaks just add to the feeling of curiosity. Great main synths guaranteed to make people dance with its progressive touch to it, reminding me of liquid souls work. For sure a great opening track for a psy dj set! (T3) The three note bass line is driving along with the other percussion spiced with a techy feeling, but when the fx and the guitar samples are here, it's a whole different story. With the alarmish distorted lead the explosive full on sound is presented with minimal usage of cheese and milky products. This time the ending of the track is shorter than the previous one.
In (T4), there are two layers in the beginning. One is a deep bass and the second is a mid sound adding to the atmospheric power of the low frequencies. This shows us that Eitan knows how to make the sound to sound great. A way used by almost all of the artists. With the fx soaked in reverb this somehow reminds me of Cosma (RIP) but this piece is building up faster than the local graveyards. A strange main lead is breaking loose from the place were the other sounds reside and leads the track. Intelligent usage of leads, waves, pads... Wow! It took a while before this track grew on me but now I am sure that it will burn dance floors! Great melodic master piece! Next we have (T5), starting with non consistent bass line and going to a 2 note bass line. If there was more percussion and if the melodies/leads were more minimal I could have appreciated this track more but it's not bad at all like this. Again we have a distorted lead which marks the Fatali kind of music. After the break I find myself dancing into the chair... maybe it's because of the voice sample?! Who knows but I am still dancing as the swishes and swooshes, mixed all together trigger my musical taste buds. Yes the big break did it again. Morning sounds making me want to play this track on a fest. It stopped abruptly, I WANT MORE! In (T6) there is nothing new here. The bass is jumping up and down and the interesting hi hat work is doing its job. Without the reverbed snare I couldn’t imagine how this track would sound. The work here is pretty much the same except that the sounds are different. We need more variations and innovations. This is the most full-onish track with psy elements in the whole album. But that doesn't mean that it's not good. The build down is again not dj friendly. The fuss is getting bigger by the frame! (T7) The BPMs are high and the sounds angry and brain frying. The speaking sample just adds to the trip. Oh my! This guitar just makes me want to lay back but no, the beat is constantly changing and drives me into an oblivion state of trance. Nothing better than a big break heralding the storm which can be useful for having a drink or chatting with the fellow dancer (or even hailing the dj for the great track). Another great dance floor stormer. The sample for (T8) is: "This is it u see, this is the cage for your own making". A track staring off nicely in a totally perfect mix by Fatali, structured with lots of surprises and traps of emotional melodies to make even the most hardcore dancer cry and smile at the same time. At least the repetitive voice sample summons a smile on my face. Yes, this is proper melodic psy trance, a superb track. Next, The stab used here can be also used in a reggae track, (T9) but Eitan chooses to stick with psy. Nothing interesting here we have a misplaced snare with the standard sounds and the whole concept of the track is solid but nothing new so far. I somehow dig the stab. The melodies at the end are great, good for saying goodbye and finishing the album. This time the build down is slower and dj friendlier. Last, (T10) I wasn't expecting a hypnotic solid beat for the last track in the album but here we go... This time a bit slower but not less psychedelic than the rest. We have a scary sample that reminds me of inspector gadget, followed by a relaxed calming melody. The flow continues and the beat just grows on me. Perfect ‘goodbye’ soft melodies which are discontinued, followed by a great lead that just adds to the groove. The whole feeling of the track is melancholic.

Recomendation:  The third fatali album shows mature production skills, fresh sounds and some new ideas. I was pessimistic that this would be another copy/paste release but after a few listens I was proven wrong. There is nothing innovative used here in this album, but the way it's produced makes it good for home listening, as well for the dance floors. Regarding the cover and the artwork: good job by BNE/Yoyo to list the BPM's and I like the mystic artwork. I recommend this album to everybody who wants to listen to good, quality music.

4!!, 5!!! 7, 2 ,3!

Review by : Kikola.

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