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June 26 , 2019
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Floating Point 01

 ( Iboga ,  Dec. 2003 )

1. Tomzen- Namaste 7:52 2. DMT- DeMaterializer (3rd edit) 7:21 3. Great Leap Forward- Sniff 6:56 4. Magneticon- Treehugger vs. Boomer 8:56 5. Crowd Control- Thor's Armpit 6:34 6. I.X.O.P.- Time for Sweetness 6:31 7. Puff Dragon- Lava 6:13 8. Fabel- Fortune-Teller 8:43 9. Anesthesia- Floating 7:55 10. Jules Verne- Sad Melodi 6:59

A new chill compilation from Iboga that promises to be a first in a series. The opening hypnotizes you immediately- amazing hypnotic psychedelic tribal chant from Tomzen- Namaste indeed. DMT follows with a different edit to DeMaterializer staying on tribal hypnotizing beats with a dreamy walk through psychedelic realms. Great Leap Forward moves to mellower psychedelic atmosphere to be followed in the same vain by the beautiful track by Magneticon with one of the most enchanting and touching emotional tunes I've heard in a long while, a bit sad yet optimistic. So beautiful! Next are Crowd Control, dunno what they think happens in Thor's Armpit exactly, but this is a nice simple intensifying track that flows with the atmosphere and is just pure fun. I.X.O.P. break the atmosphere to a more loungey feel, with a nice track nonetheless, still in mellow moods. Puff Dragon, usually a double one, continues in the same vein to more loungey worldmusic beats, me no like. Fabel goes back to the more hypnotic side of things, with monotonous tribal darbukas and dark forest feel- very trancey, very good. Anesthesia are Floating, but not floating me, with lo-techy sound, confusing changes and a mechanic, yet psychedelic feel. Samples aren't enough. Jakob Olsen, under the name Jules Verne with Sad Melodi, sad and beautiful indeed and a good finishing note that goes well with the start.

Recomendation:  First half bring a perfect mellow psychedelic journey for winter, so together and so full of emotion. The second half gets a bit confused, but still has beautiful moments. A bit more effort might have made this into the perfect psychedelic winter chill experience. And still it has not-to-be-missed moments.
Favorites: 1(!!), 2(!), 3, 4(!!), 5, 8, 10.
And a word about the cover, there's minimalism that is art, and there's one that is just cheap. This feels like the second and it's just doesn't feel nice or gives respect to the music which it cases.

Review by : Shahar

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