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March 1 , 2021
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Freshly Cut Tomato

 ( Cronomi ,  Jul. 2008 )

1. Pandemonium!- A Mad Scientists Night (Subra vs. Felis Remix) 8:10 2. Ankoluth- Orbiting the Earth 9:36 3. Jikkenteki with 11- Super Power Mustard 7:35 4. Alt Anesis and 5Meo-Geo- Ficus 8:10 5. Subra and Har-El Prusky- Freakagnux 7:48 6. K.O.B.- Pitch and Chips (A Fairytale About a Chip) 7:31 7. Merr0w- Pixelized Sight 8:45 8. Radical Distortion- Unchristened 6:49 9. Astrancer- Ashram 11:21

Do you like surfing? I do, so I was more than happy to take yet another wave of "new school" Goa trance all the way to the shore. What started back in 2004 with a fantastic upstart label called Suntrip, has become a full fledged tsunami of Goa trance releases. Cronomi Records is the latest to add tracks for the sun worshipping masses of the good old days. While Suntrip focuses on the dreamy more melodic side of Goa Trance, Cronomi comes at you with a harder, gritty edge to their Goa. That is not to say it can't also be melodic. This is an Israeli label started by one of its participants Mike A or Felis or Subra. Choose one. Freshly Cut Tomato was their first release and it was followed by the Anakoluth EP- Beyond Reach, as well as another compilation- People Walk Funny. The cover art is greenish with a string of (yep you guessed it) freshly cut tomatoes. I don't know what it means, but I like it. I mean I think I do.
In this review I will deal with 9 tracks because the 10th track is all of 13 seconds and just ridiculous. Why even put it on there? Moving on, there are some well known names in the genre intermingled with the not so well known. As I began listening to this compilation, I became disappointed. The original version of the first track A Mad Scientists Night is crazy Goa insanity. What the hell happened here? Where did the crazy Goa go? I liked this version, but it was much more subdued than I was expecting. Anakoluth's track sounds like he was disinterested and wunderkind Jikkentekki can do much better than Super Power Mustard (T3). His track seems to just plod along. The next track by Alt Anesis and 5 Meo-Geo gets things moving in the right direction with a nice dancing Goa melody. As I start to feel a little better, I see the next track has Mr. California Sunshine Har-El Prussky collaborating with the head of the label on Freakagnux (T5). While it has its moments, it is still lacking something and seems a bit muddled.
The crazy side project of Filteria, K.O.B., doesn't live up to his billing and the track just rambles annoyingly on. But then the sun rises above the horizon. Merr0w (who just released his blistering debut) saves the beach with sizzling Pleiadian-like leads (T7). Just as one melody evaporates another vies for solar dominance. Radical Distortion ( John Spanos & Nick Politaridis) continues the ride on a sunbeam with scorching Goa melodies and the Astrancer track is a very smooth wave right onto the beach. The length might bother some, but not me. I also enjoy the way he comes in and out of breaks.

Recomendation:  Well, the first effort of this new label is of a bit hit and miss really. I can see the different directions that this compilation tries to take Goa trance. Some good, some not so much. While I have nothing but respect for anyone starting a label (especially a Goa trance label), I wish there were more strong tracks on this compilation. The first 6 for me were mostly forgettable, and I am surprised I made it this far. That said, the final 3 tracks are what goa trance is all about for me. Powerful, melodic, and very trance inducing. While this release couldn't be called essential unless you are a Goa trance collector (which I am), the last 3 tracks should be owned at all costs. If I were to give this CD a grade it would have to be a 6.5/10, but there would have to be a side note. The final tracks were so moving that the possibilities for the next compilation are endless. And having heard their next compilation People Walk Funny it seems they found the golden path. Here's to wishing them as much success as Suntrip has had, as there is nothing wrong with a little more Goa sunshine in the world.

Review by : Mdk

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