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October 26 , 2021
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Hibernation - Some Things Never Change

 ( Aleph Zero ,  Oct. 2008 )

01 – Melt - 5:30 02 – Trickle - 7:24 03 – Lazy Radio - 3:59 04 – Empty Cities – 5:50 05 – Glitch Police - 5:11 06 – Are You Sure? - 5:26 07 – Reflect - 2:13 08 – Beautiful Sky - 5:33 09 – Seven Steps - 5:59 10 – Some Things Never Change – 6:45 11 – The Littlest Computer - 2:19 12 – Reflected – 5:36 13 - The Art of Living & Dying – 7:47 14 – Colours – 6:13

Some Things Never Change is the album of Hibernation project. To speak about Hibernation is to make reference to Seb Taylor, the producer responsible for the projects: Angel Tears, Kaya Project, Shakta and Digitalis – so a big repertoire is on his books.
But better than to speak about his projects is to listen to this album:
Melt (T1) is the opening tune. It begins smoothly and some fresh sounds hit you like a soft breeze of wind. It grows slowly with some piano notes along with some experimental sounds. Everything in this tune is blissful and relaxed – there are some female singings in here that are top notch, they are like a cherry on the top of the cake; some of the chanting are in rhythm with the percussive elements. The vocals are from Natasha Chamberlain. Favourite.
Trickle (T2) is by sign one of the longest music of the album. Once more we are carried into experimental sounds, and everything keeps on a peaceful mood, mixed with analogical instruments – or so it seems, at least some sounds seem from a guitar, others from a harp and even violins. There are some tricks like the scratch effect, mixed with more female chanting.
Lazy Radio (T3) starts with a melancholic mood. One thing that is right away noticed on this track is the bass line – I don´t know which instrument or synthesizer is creating it, but is very good – creates a nice dark atmosphere. This music is rich in terms of sounds of instruments: flutes, guitar and trumpet – it is vast! Once more we have the collaboration of Natasha chamberlain on the vocals.
The first 2 minutes of Empty Cities (T4), are very minimalistic, but the track changes after this overture, in which the tunes gains another dimension, with the addition of more instruments – not that the tune changes its minimalistic composition – but it certainly expands to other realms. On this new direction, there are softer sounds, more harmonised leads and also a clarinet played by Susi Evans, which is simply fantastic.
One of the things that impressed me the most on Glitch Police (T5), is, obviously, the noise of the police sirens, and one funny thing that happened while listening to this tune was the fact I actually thought it was real police in the streets and I looked everywhere to search for them…only then I realized it was from the track. It has an interesting environment – it reminded me the lust of the beginning of the 20th century of the high class society. Some trumpets are the main energiser of that lust that comes to my mind, and of course the vocals of Natasha fit perfectly. Favourite.
And now THE favourite tune of the whole album. Are You Sure (T6) is a fantastic lounge track, it has some great flute sounds, mixed with experimental leads, which make a shiny, polished, dynamic track. It is an evolving track, in the way it is constantly growing till the end, in a continuum crescendo of magical landscapes. Favourite.
Reflect (T7) is the lady that follows. We continue our journey with experimental quirky music. This is the smallest track of the album with the duration of 2:13 minutes. It is very minimalistic, and vague; we can hear some piano notes, but resuming it: peaceful simple music.
Beautiful Sky (T8) begins with some Japanese sayings (or so it seems), and right away we enter our experimental territories, allied with amazing melodic sounds, and captivating sonic arrangements. I particularly like very much a lead that appears only sometimes like repeating two times every time it plays. Some percussive elements give a groovy feeling to it, touching lounge territories. Favourite
Seven Steps (T9) begins with some interesting glitch effects and violins along. Once again we have the participation of Natasha Chamberlain on the vocals and also on the keyboards. There is an interesting lead in this music – weird and distorted. This one has a very linear sonority.
Some things very Change (T10) the track that gave name to the album is also the longest. It is simply magnificent the landscapes it goes through. The abstractness, the weirdness, the experimental sounds allied with analogue instruments, mixed with some singings makes this music one of the best of the album. Top notch. This one has also Natasha giving her contribute on the keyboards.
The Littlest Computer (T11) tells a story of a computer and his relation with others, his intricate relationships. The guitars on this track are by Seb Taylor himself.
Reflected (T12) really makes just to the name of the tune, the way this one flows it is good for reflection, and inner exploration. It is very minimalistic with certain “chords” of this track flowing to deeper realms of the mind. Once more we are presented with a tune with a “fixed” mood, that doesn´t leaving too much of the line it began with.
The Art Of Living And Dying (T13) has a good appetiser mixed with the experimental sounds and quirky boundaries that this CD has shown us so much times: a violin, played by Deepak Pandit. This one is the longest track of the album, and more to the end I have the sonorities simply sublime, peaceful, smooth, relaxed, serene, calm – it is like embarking on a blissful sleeping voyage! Favourite.
And so we reach our final destination with Colours (T14). And what can I say? A wonderful track finishes this album; experimentation is the key word on this one. This one is a stress-free tune with an atmosphere of emerging from a trance state.
The mastering was made by Yaniv Shulman @ Aleph Zero Mastering Studios.
The cover and inlay artwork was made by OrenSOB @ SOB studio, and I must congratulate this project cause they really made a delight for the eyes – long time I didn´t saw such an excellent cover for a CD.

Recomendation:  This album was very good to review, although I have found difficulties in how to express in words the places this album has taken me. It was a great surprise to listen to this project, since I didn´t really know what to expect, but I was surpassed with what I have listen, this experimental sounds, mixed with analogue instruments made an excellent combination, and the result is one of the best albums I have ever listened in my whole life. I recommend this album it is money well spent.

Favorite tracks:1, 5, 6, 8, 13.

Review by : a3k

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