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February 25 , 2024
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Holy Men - C4

 ( Sony / DR ,  1999 )

1. Beavis in the Haze 8:36 2. Utopia 8:096 3. Simon Said 6:12 4. Z. Melody 6:42 5. Bass Drops 7:11 6. Shredder 7:51 7. Desert Storm 7:55 8. The Last Universe 7:15

I know some of you detest this kind of music (Nitzhonot), but this is something else. I can't say that Holy Men's tracks are very complex, but they do sound excellent. This CD has special sounds that you haven't heard before in any other CD and are unique for Holy Men.

The first track, Beavis in the Haze, has amazing sounds and effects blending beautifully in the track, making it very interesting. Off course you can't escape the Beavis sampling! This track just sounds great, a work of a real artist. Utopia (T2), is not as good, but it's interesting and very rhythmic. You can say about Simon Said (T3) all sort of things, that it's only samples and gimmicks, but it's simply a beautiful track the way only Holy Men can make. Z. Melody (T4) is just great! Samples of Zohar Argov (a famous Israel oriental music singer, long dead by now and a legend in Israel), voice and melodies. Amazing oriental sounds and melodies all along the track, a very moving track. Holy also uses here his winning melody from Comic Strip (Intelligence Genetics).

Bass Drops (T5), is a pretty good one, everyone can enjoy this one, nothing too complex, but a good track. Shredder (T6), is again nothing special, but it has it's own beauty and I love it because of the effects and even the samples. Desert Storm (T7), is a one to skip when you listen to this CD- I won't use more words on this one.
Amazing, stunning, intoxicating, these are only some of the superlatives you can give The Last Universe (T8), that (unfortunately) ends this CD. When you hear this one, you find yourself in a state of euphoria, this is a kind of a virtual trip out of this world!

Recomendation:  Leave the stigmas behind, buy this CD, listen to it, dance to it, and you'll learn to Appreciate this form of art.

Favorite tracks:1, 7, 8.

Review by : Gal Hadari

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