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February 24 , 2024
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Hujaboy - Hujajoy

 ( HOMmega ,  Mar. 2002 )

1. Virtual Anal(og) 7:43 2. The Day 7:27 3. Flying Sorcerer 7:34 4. Nemesis 7:27 5. Shaba Rain 6:11 6. Fresh Air 7:09 7. Counting Spirals 7:43 8. Save Ass 7:29 9. The People vs. Hujaboy 6:03 * Bonus multi media track- The People vs. Hujaboy (TV edit)

Hujaboy delivers a dark psychedelic tech-trance album. You wanna know what you're getting- think a more psychedelic and rough MOS with Delta touches. Hard massive sounds, driving power, strong atmosphere and spooky lines is what you'll find- this is working music, no vacation here.

It hits hard right from the start with Virtual Anal(og)- dark and spooky, sick samples included. The Day (T2) follows, one of the strongest tracks here, it goes to even darker realms with massive kick-bass combination and surrounded by dramatic almost operaic flying sounds. Flying Sorcerer (T3), another favorite here is a proved dancefloor scorcher already, massive, dramatic, hypnotic and very trancey. A killer. Nemesis finishes a mighty opening foursome- as the name suggests this is a real no-mercy track. Metallic non-stop merciless pounding with a great sample straight to the point. Shaba Rain (T5), one of two tracks written together with Dudi Fridman, is more airy and calms things down a little, but just a little. Nice one, good drive, but nothing special. Fresh Air (T6) supplies a little of what the name suggests, but still in a dark mechanic and spooky atmosphere. Then Hujaboy is Counting Spirals (T7) in a darkish techy tune with devastating bassline, a lot of energy and a real alien, almost frightening, atmosphere. Save Ass (T8), again with Dudi Fridman, is another dark atmospheric piece, but with an almost organic feel to it, and a massive ending that will shock the floor. Excellent. Ending the CD is The People vs. Hujaboy, and you get not just the track in audio form, but also a bonus, and that's quite a bonus. There an amazing video clip to the track, the likes of I still haven't seen made for a trance track. I can't really separate the music from the video because they're so much together. You have a story, you have the music, it's all melted together perfectly, there are a lot of little things to discover inside, and it is the perfect representative for us trancers to send to those TVs out there- I hope they're gonna play it. I keep watching again and again- great.

Recomendation:  This is worth buying, if only for the video. But there's a lot of great music here as well, take a journey into darker realms...

Favorite tracks:1, 2, 3(!),4, 8, 9*(!)

Review by : Shahar

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