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April 17 , 2021
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Infected Mushroom & Berry Sakharof - Birthday CDS

 ( BNE / Nana ,  Jul. 2002 )

1. Birthday 120bpm 4:48 2. Statik Dancin' 140bpm 4:43 3. Deeply Disturbed 145bpm 8:24

This is mostly not trance, but it is Infected Mushroom and they do team up here with one of the most important and innovative Israeli rock musician, and it's excellent music- so here's a review.

First Infected & Berry give up a new version to Berry's Yomuledet (Birthday in Hebrew) from his Ham Al Hayareah (Calor en la Luna) album. The combination works well and adds happiness and bounce to the song. Then they cooperate in a new interpretation to Minimal Compact's classic Statik Dancin' from their first EP on Crammed (1981). For me this is really returning to the source! Minimal Compact, for those who don't know, where the first real innovative Israeli band to break out of Israel and had a decade of fruitful creativeness in Europe. This is a nice bouncy remix that does right to the original and gives it a good deserved travel through time to our new century. I would imagine it differently- more percussion and a little more psychedelic (the original has it all), but I'm not Infected. And I do miss Samy Birenbach's voice...
Ending the CDS is Deeply Disturbed, a full on melodic track, Infected style, with a lot of music inside, and a good exploding break and entry. Nice and catchy, especially the vocal line, but got on my nerves pretty fast after I was humming to myself for 2 days: "I'm deeply disturbed and I'm deeply unhappy", especially I'm a happy content person. I hope the guys find some positive inspirations again soon.

Recomendation:  Interesting, different, and an opening for something new. Still feels like a short fast one-time project (which it was). People who love Berry & Infected should have this. Others interested in something different should check it out.

Review by : Shahar

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