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April 21 , 2024
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Infected Mushroom

 ::  Duvdev ::  I.Zen

Infected Mushroom are Erez Eizen and Amit Duvdevani (nicknamed Duvdev).
Erez, born 1980, has a classical music education, studying to play the organ since the age of 4. He has been working with music and computers since the age of eleven. Erez was a member of the legendary Shidapu group and also works with DJ Jorg (SST) as Shiva Sidpao. He released three CDs and numerous tracks with these groups. He also releases under the name I.Zen.
Duvdev, born 1974, has a similar training, 9 years playing the piano. He then turned into new wave / punk rock, as a member of a local band in the Haifa area named Enzyme. He was playing keyboards and wrote most of the band’s material. One of the bands they used to play with was a punk rock band from Naharia (a small town in the north of Israel, near the Lebanese border), named Infected Mushroom, later that name was inherited by Erez & Duvdev, of course. All the guys in the band joined the army and the band was no more. Then one week before Duvdev joined the army he went to his first trance party (‘91), and from then on it became trance and trance only. Five years Duvdev was just dancing (and he still does when he gets the chance), and in ‘96 after coming back from one year in India, he decided to try and make trance music by himself. First he was working with Roy (another Shidapu member), they made 4 tracks together that were never released, Duvdev defines these as “terrible nitzhonot”. Then he heard some stuff Erez made on his own and liked it. They met and started working together, making more victorious stuff for a while, which they both resent strongly. Then they started to work with serious equipment and left the realm of Impulse Tracker. They invested some money into equipment and started working together with the concept of Infected Mushroom. Since then it’s all the way up the hill for the duo, and they became the biggest stars of Israeli trance since Astral Projection, playing regularly around the world.

The guys released few tracks as Shidapu & Duvdev, which were more on the happy and simple side of trance: Devil (Ptzatzot), Baby Killer & Devil rmx (Ptzatzot 2), End of Infinity (Boom Bolenat, Orbis),

As Infected Mushroom they released already four CDs/LPs: The Gathering, Classical Mushroom, B.P.Empire, and their double fourth album- Converting Vegetarians. They also released the following singles: Intelligate/Small Moves, Bust A Move, Infected Deedrah- My Mommy Said/Overload (Deedrah rmx) (with Dado), B.P.Empire (also CDS), Infected Mushroom & Yahel- Elecro Panic 12”, Deeply Disturbed CDS. Also after a special series of live shows they did together with Berry Sakharof they released the Birthday CDS.

They also released A LOT of tracks on various compilations: Psycho (Forest of the Saints- Goa Gil, Retro), Where Is S (Destination Goa 7), Blue Muppets (Tan Trance 8), Overload (Full On 2), Crazy D (ISRaliens), Muddy Effect (Enhanced Reality- Deck Wizards- DJ Dede, Psychoanaesis), Small Moves, (Digital Dance of Shiva), Intelligate (Digital Dance of Shiva, Psychedelic Experience 2), Montoya, Devil (final remix) & Elm... (UFS), Montoya remix (Destination Goa 8), Dream Theatre (Space Mantra), Look at Me (Voojoo Rituals), Psycho (live mix) (Full On 4), Classical Mushroom (Israliens 2), I.Zen+Duvdev- Into the Matrix (Israliens 2), Anyone Else But Me (UFS2), Wider (Future Navigators 2), Symphonatic (Tsunami, Retro vol. 2), Merlin (In My Brain), Merlin (global cut) (Contact- clubber vol. 1), B.P.Empire (deep mix) (Tribal Dance Experience), S is Here (Mixing in Action), Spaniard (Planet Goa IV), Never Ever Land (Yellow Sunshine Explosion Vol 2), Doremifas (UFS 3), Smahuta (Full On 6), Elevation (Another Life), Dainai (Moon), Deeply Disturbed (Goa 2), Bust a Move (Generations).
They also collaborated with others: Infected Mushroom feat. Xerox- Acid Killer (ISRaliens), Cat on Mushroom (with Space Cat)- Cat on Mushroom (Space Cat- Beam Me Up), Cat on Mushroom- The Fly (Psychotropic, Space Mantra, 3D Story, Generations), Infected Deedrah- My Mommy Said (Space Mantra, Cyber Baba 2000, Cosmophilia vol. 1), Jorg on Mushroom- The Messenger (Kum Haras, Space Mantra), Cat on Mushroom- The Fly (live mix) (Retro), Fly Agaric (with Simon Posford)- I See Myself (unmixed demo version) (Unusual Suspects, Goa), Yahel & Infected Mushroom- Electro Panic (Yahel- Private Collection, Inca:nations, Goa 2, Natraj Temple vol. 5).
They remixed- Xerox- Gravity Waves (Infected Mushroom remix) (Xerox- Freestyle, Generations), Oforia- Millions of Miles Away (Infected remix) (Oforia- Millions of Miles Away CDS)- and were remixed- Overload (Deedrah rmx) (Trance De Eivissa, Cyber Baba 2000), Talmasca & Nomad - Psycho (tribute to Infected Mushroom) (Program Change), Infected Mushroom- S is Here (Yahel remix) (Infected Mushroom/Avalanch 12”, Adrenalin- take 1), Infected Mushroom & Yahel- Electro Panic (Eat Static remix) (TIP World Singles 2002, Israliens 4), Infected Mushroom- Deeply Disturbed (Yahel remix) (Deeply Disturbed CDS), Infected Mushroom- Deeply Disturbed (Violet Vision remix) (Deeply Disturbed CDS).
They also collaborated with others by themselves: Magic Mushroom- One Absolute (Erez & DJ Lestat, Full On 3), Domestic Mushroom- Scotch (Erez & Ido Ophir, Voojoo Rituals), Cat on Mushroom- Expose (Erez & Avi Algranati, Enhanced Reality- Deck Wizards- DJ Dede, Psychoanaesis), Yahel & I.Zen- Waves of Sound (edit) (Full On 4), Yahel & I.Zen- Waves of Sound (Yahel- Waves of Sound, Retro), Yahel & Erez- For the People (Yahel- For the People, Yahel- For the People 12”, Generations), Yahel & Erez- For the People (radio edit) (Yahel- Waves of Sound), Yahel, Erez, Jorg Kessler & Jonathan Bloom- Angel Jonathan (Yahel- For the People), Yahel & I.Zen- Ministering Angels (edit) (Contact- clubber vol. 1), GMS & Duvdev- Arabian Nights on Mescaline (GMS vs. Systembusters), Xerox feat. Duvdev- I.M 2 (summer mix) (Contact- clubber vol. 1), Psysex on Mushroom- Dirty 80’s (Duvdev & Psysex, Psysex- Hardcore Blastoff), I.Zen- Blue Rythmic Waves (Erez alone, Space Mantra), I.Zen- Voices (Tsunami).


Clavia - Nord Lead 1

Solton - MS 50

Novation - BassStation

Ensoniq - VFX

Roland - Juno 106

Roland - Jupiter 6


Eventide - Orville

Line 6 - POD Pro

Digitech - Studio Quad

Digitech - TSR24s

Behringer - Intelligate

Other Analog/Rack:

FAT - FreeBass

Spectral Audio - ProTone

Doepfer - System A100

Moog (MoogerFooger) Phazer 12 Stage

Moog (MoogerFooger) Low Pass Fiter

Korg MS-2000R


Mackie 32x8

Neve- 2 channels for Eq. Compressing'PreAmp

Akai - S3000XL +
Filters And Effect Boards

Sound Card:

x2- RME 96/52 HammerFull

Roland - MU64,USB 4IN x 4Out.


RME ADI 8pro 8in,8out

x2 MusicNet 8out

(Total 24 Outputs, 8 inputs)

x2 DI-Beringer (Line -> Mic)

Working with 2 PCs 800mhz & 1500mhz


Cubase 5.1r1





All Possible Plugins.


Web: http://www.infected.co.il


E-Mail: infected@netvision.net.il

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