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March 4 , 2024
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Infected Mushroom - Classical Mushroom

 ( BNE ,  Jan. 2000 )

1- Bust-A-Move 8:21 2- None Of This Is Real 6:22 3- Sailing In The Sea Of Mushroom 8:18 4- The Shen 8:33 5- Disco On Mushroom 8:46 6- Dracul 8:00 7- Nothing Comes Easy 7:26 8- Mush Mushi 7:36 9- The Missed Symphony 10:26

After their first album, The Gathering, Infected Mushroom has become a new light in the Israeli trance scene. This time, Erez Aizen and Amit Duvdevani released a second album, which in my opinion is BETTER and FRESHER than the first one. If you have been waiting for the second one then you are not going to be depressed. It's a proven fact that sequels are worse than the debuts, but this time it's the opposite, and you'll be the judge!

Starting with Bust-A-Move (T1), which is one of the best tracks on this CD, you hear the sound of classical guitar playing and creating a nice, pleasant environment when the bass starts. And when the bass drum starts kicking the party is here!. Being a melodic track, a melody starts very soon and so begins the whole Infected Mushroom melodic style to show its fruit. Towards the end there's a sudden change in the track's pattern- a fresh melody (with a piano) comes in, and this is where I get real enjoyment- a great ending melody which makes the track all worthwhile! None Of This Is Real (T2) starts with some neat electric guitar flashes which build up a "groovy" beat (great moving sound). A lot of instrumental work, especially with guitar melodies- nice job!

Sailing in the Sea of Mushroom (T3) in this one, the name says it all. It starts with a happy groove melody and gradually moves to sounds and melodies that make you think of the sea (of mushroom in this case). During the track, there's a nice entrance of this great "human voice" sound, which turns the track into a total blast. The Shen (T4) sounds like some cemetery background music accompanied by a drum & bass drumbeat, then the strange effects start and of course a melody appears later. After this melody starts a more developed tune that I think makes this track to be my second favorite here. The whole track is full of different kinds of effects, tricks, sound games, and voice sampling. Just dreaming!

Disco on Mushroom (T5) starts like a movie, accompanied by singing, which gives a great feeling. Great beat entrances, bell melodies, and then a melody that gives it some Euro taste. Somewhere in the middle a great Musroomy melody arrives, and the whole thing ends with bells ringing something into the silence.
"What's happening?" is the first question you ask when Dracul (T6) starts. This is actually a remix of an old track Erez and Duvdev made when they just started working together, but was never released. A great sample in the begining, and then the first half of the track is not melodically absorbed and has a great drum beat. Later, melodies start, with singing (!), among other things (Duvdev's voice). Once understood, it's a nice track.

Nothing Comes Easy (T7), starts with a chorus and with it the beat. It continues, reaching new limits in our melodic senses (in mine in particular), especially with the melodies that come in the second party of the track.

Only god knows where the name Mush Mushi (T8) came from but the track itself is very powerful and great for parties. Good clear beat, which gets you in the mood for dancing. Like in every track, Infected Mushroom didn't give up on melodies- at the end there's one with a heavy sound that slowly tweaks till you're all tweaked out.

The Missed Symphony (T9) is a great melodic track which I personally love very, very much. It starts with a sad melody of piano and synth strings after which comes some happy melodies and then it turns saddish again and back to happyish!! Great environment of melodies here and they are just the kind I love so much. Just wait for the ending piano melody that is sooo good.

Recomendation:  For all of you who really liked the first Infected Mushroom album, this CD is definitely going to make you feel better and better. Here, Erez and Duvdev really gave us a performance that takes Israeli trance to a new wave. You won't even need time to understand the CD - you'll get it right away! "Buy and Fly".

Favorite tracks:All!

Review by : Trip-

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