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August 10 , 2022
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Krusseldorf - From Soil to Space

 ( Aleph Zero ,  Oct. 2011 )

1. Geometrix 2. Boxing 3. The Cell 4. First Blood 5. From Soil to Space 6. Click 7. Deep Fulgin 8. Tokyo Nights 9. Soe Doe 10. Deep into the Bowl 11. Choclop 12. Zyclops 13. A Head under the Towel

Music for late night traveling, psychedelic winter shades, parallel universes and strange encounters. Simon Heath, aka Krusseldorf, the sound designer from Sweden, is back with a new mind-boggling release. From Soil to Space is a ghostly sound swell of very well produced, IDM-ish, misty and cleverly glitchy downtempo electronica with a strong otherworldly quality. In terms of sound aesthetics, vibe and atmosphere, From Soil to Space is an album that with its own original personality revisits and illuminates one of Aleph Zero's more familiar and most beloved sonic territories, a territory of deep and polished electronic based music that tells a detailed, epic, mysterious and slightly dark story. A territory that characterizes some of the label's earliest and most attractive releases like Kalitz, Midnight Soul Dive, Some Things Never Change, and Dark Room Beats. From Soil to Space can tell a story about whatever we want: enchanted desert moons, futuristic cities, northern lights, or maybe just about groovy and smooth space floating, the possibilities are endless. It all depends on our imagination, and if you have a healthy imagination, From Soil to Space will be a powerful tool to use in order to transfer yourselves to. . .

Krusseldorf took his unique sound and style to the next level, and it really shows in every second of this album with stylish high quality production that intensifies the strong emotional core of the compositions. As opposed to the charming Bohemian Groove (Krusseldorf's previous album that was released on Beats & Pieces last year) things are more subtle and a bit more tricky on From Soil to Space. You can hear that a lot of work went into this creation, and as we know, those who work hard and put love in what they do, bear fruit. And this is definitely the case here, as From Soil to Space is Krusseldorf's best work to date. With this album Krusseldorf provides something special and alluring that a lot of us electronic music fans out there are always longing for.

Recomendation:  After swimming in the more experimental side of downtempo electronica, electro acoustic and chillout, and releasing the lovely album Hold The Sun, the guys at Aleph Zero swam back home. So all I can say is just go buy the CD, so you'll also get the elegant, fine looking artwork, put a good pair of headphones on, sit back, press play, and just feel the music yourselves and see what it does to you. Because after all, as someone once said: "Writing About Music is Like Dancing About Architecture".

Review by : Bodhisattva (Gad K.)

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