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June 24 , 2019
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Liquid Flow - Presence

 ( Kagdila ,  Nov. 2010 )

1. The Presence 7:18 2. Old Temple 8:12 3. Unknown Life 7:53 4. Analog Boost 8:00 5. Yang 7:13 6. Tribal Vision 9:56 7. Awakening 8:11 8. Ionic Charge 7:32 9. Microspace 7:17 10. Black Valley 7:43

The Liquid Flow project was created in 2001 by Tomislav Savic. It was apparently initially planned as a temporary project while exploring the realms of trance music and learning the art of synthesis. It was a time of experimentation and, at the time, Liquid Flow made music ranging from melodic trance and ambient, to Goa trance. Presence is his debut on Kagdila Records.

First off, I didn’t know this guy even existed until now. What he offers us here is a decent old school Goa sound with new production. It sounds like a hybrid between MFG and Astral Projection, clearly they are big influences on Tomislav. It all sounds really decent though, even if the tracks are all quite alike. There’s plenty to be enjoyed here if you’re into the old school Goa sound. To me, this is only interesting for some time, and I actually cannot really handle a whole CD of this very well. I tend to lose interest after two or three songs. I must say though, that the songs that I listen to entertain me pretty well. It’s just that I feel there could’ve been some more diversity here. It’s his first try at a whole album, so I guess we can expect a learning curve. Listening to the entire album I can say that old MFG is definitely the biggest influence here with the melodic lines and acidic undertones more present. Awakening (T7), for example, has a great melody in it, this is also one of my favourite tracks and shows off best what this guy can do. It’s a shame he didn’t get influence from one of those darker songs that MFG were so famous for, like ‘Why’ or ‘Dark Waters’.

Recomendation:  If you dig old school Goa vibes and are a big fan of old MFG and Astral Projection then you will find much to like here. I personally think this album could’ve done with some more diversity, maybe a slower song, or something with a little darker vibe or maybe even chillout near the end. As it stands now this is almost 80 minutes of pure old school Goa with all the tracks being pretty similar. This is still a nice debut with great production and overall a richness in sound that a lot of producers can’t create. So, thumbs up in the end when all is considered, but still… some more diversity next time please!!

Review by : Acidhive

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