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February 28 , 2020
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Lish - Free Fall

 ( Com.pact ,  Mar. 2005 )

1. Sea Side Hills 9:18 2. Outsiders 8:15 3. Sunday Muse 7:39 4. Life Stream 7:41 5. On the Edge 8:56 6. Time 6:59 7. Fresh 7:30 8. Blue 5:00 9. Slow Me Away (remix) 8:57

Lish are Lior Maimon and Shai Tiab, they both come from the sunny city of Bat Yam. The city that is mostly famous for its beach and somewhat hot tempered inhabitants. Fortunately enough the musical content is anything but hot tempered and fast. More in the direction of laid back fluffy morning progressive.
The album starts off very well with 2 strong tunes, Sea Side Hills and Outsiders. For me it’s progressive at its best. Smooth, groovy and very melodic. Unfortunately the 3rd track, Sunday Muse marks a little decline in the energetic charge of the album. It goes deeper and slower than the previous ones. Still melodic but a bit lazier than the previous couple. 4th tune, Life Stream sounds very FreQ’ish to me. It’s usually not a bad thing but lately there are too many acts that copy FreQ’s sound. On The Edge follows with a bit more energy and some full-on vibe. Definitely a proper tune for the dance floors. Time, the 6th tune features the infamous rolling bassline but still very progressive structure and sounds. Again it sounds very freQ’ish for some reason, but I don’t mind really. Worthy one. Fresh is the unavoidable vocal tune, something that for some reason became a kind of a maturity test for the Israeli producers. Did they pass it? No, the amount of effects on the vocalist, plus too many sounds from the first two tracks doesn’t make up for the overall boring and uninspired feeling of the whole tune.
Another token is at number 8. This time it’s a chill-out number. Again, pretty formulaic and uninspiring tune in my humble opinion. The jazzy percussion, the pads, the pianos, some twisted sounds and fx on top and moaning female singer all are spilled into some sort of too familiar mold. Not particularly bad but nothing worthy either.
The closure comes with a bonus tune. It is a remix of older Lish tune that is called Slow Me Away. It is a proper full on tune with a very powerful drive and mega cool Al Pacino (???) samples. Definitely good closure for the album.

Recomendation:  Good album, at least 3 very strong tunes, but too much fillers in the middle. They should’ve work a bit more on them as this could be really excellent album.
1!!, 2!!, 9!!

Review by : Pavel.

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