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May 19 , 2024
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Lish are Lior Maymon and Shai Tiab, both born 1980 and from Bat Yam, Israel.
They define their style as whatever flows towards the night.
They met at high school and the two discovered their common interest- trance. In 1995 they began their way of making music in an amateurish way, and a few years later they started to work more professionally and decided to send their first demo. They released few tracks in different compilations in Israel and abroad and began their official way in the trance scene.

They have released their debut album- Dejavoodoo- in USTA in February 2002. They have also released the Electric 12” (USTA). The album was a success and featured a combination of European sound, tolerance and Israeli sweeping energies. Since then the two played in parties and festivals all over the world. They are now working on their second album, which will be released on Com.pact very soon.

On compilations they have released so far: Under Wicked Sky (Dig It), Brain Rush (Digital Drops), Green Show (New Frontiers, Psi Trance Explosion Vol 2), Hollywood (Ischgl Tirol), Electric (Adrenalin - Take One, Moon), Hollywood Superstar (Psi Trance Explosion Vol 2), Kakvo Iskach (Retro vol. 2, Psychedelic Blonde), Dead Yet? (Zoom vol. 4), Control Freak (Adrenalin- take two), Symphonies of Sickness (Motion Generator, Goa 3), Under Dinamo’s Sky (USTA mix by DJ Zoo-B), Visual Paradox vs. Lish- Analog Anchor (Visual Paradox- Kick the Habbit), Lish- Brain Rush (Ferbi Boys rmx) (Air Gate), Sesto Sento- Sabastel Tunnels (Lish rmx) (Air Gate), Lish- Pump Navigation (Stimulus), Lish-Wind Pipe (1st Compilation), Lish- Slow Me Away (The Natural Waves of Sound), Visual Paradox & Lish- Wicked Way (Visual Paradox- All You Can Beat, XXXperience 3), Sesto Sento vs. Lish- Tuna (Final Fantasy), Vibrasphere- Elephant (Lish remix) (Final Fantasy) .

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