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October 31 , 2020
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Luminus - Journey into Your Dreams

 ( Star Track / HOMmega ,  Dec. 1998 )

1. Jungle Traveller 7:24 2. Luminous Angel (remix) 7:38 3. Baby's Fairytale (crying mix) 6:55 4. Road Runner 7:47 5. Journey into Your Dreams 7:25 6. Good or Bad 6:36 7. Have Fun (album edit) 6:17 8. Eyes of God 7:00 9. Antifreeze 6:21

O.K.- this is another 'nitzhonot' - Israeli morning melodic style - Greek style trance. It's also full of gimmicks- you get a jungle cry, a crying baby, the Road Runner beeping and other stuff that will make sure people will leave the party remembering the stuff and looking for it. But, if you like this sort of music then this is a good buy, as it is well produced with good sounds and quality and just fun and funny to listen to. The CD opens up with jungle sounds, crickets, birds, monkeys and with nice tribal drumming and a jungle cry (that sounds to me like 'Bandar'- monkey in Hindi). Not a lot of time passes (4 minutes 17 seconds, actually) and you get your anthemic melodies, and they won't stop till the CD ends. The track, however, is nothing special. Then comes a remix to Luminous Angel, that starts with dark banging and the sample promises a journey with an unknown end. The track goes back and forth between uplifting melody and dark sounds and samples (Oh my god, we're burning alive!). Nice drumming passage, But the end, I must say, is not very surprising. Track 3, Baby's Fairytale, is known to a lot of people in Israel from the illegal bootleg- Baby Trance- we have here a much more evolved version- a nice energetic remix with the crying and screaming samples and beautiful drum work. Classic morning party music. Track 4, the Road Runner is very full on with a lot of energy, less melodic work with high sounds and a beautiful sampling work with that mip! mip! This is stomping music. More mips would have been nice. Track 6 is really cute with a cute girl voice promising that "if you're good- you live forever, and if you're bad- you die, then you die". A Very energetic storming track with great melodies and drumming. The track blends well with track 7, Have Fun, which is a well-recognized party anthem from last summer, and is also the best track in this CD. It is a very driving track with great melodic work that will surely send you dancing around. You just gotta love that one-minute melodic anthem that comes after 2 minutes in the track, and the great marching music that comes after. Track 8 starts with a very California Sunshine sampling atmosphere and tries to stay like that, but Harel & Miko do it much better. The CD ends with Antifreeze, a chillouty track with soothing chill melody that goes all along the track and is accompanied with mysterious sounds and crying wolves samples and nice small buildups.

Recomendation:  This is a fun CD, The more I listen to it, the more I like it. It might not be the last word in the advances of trance music in the world, but it will make you jump around smiling. Classic Israeli Goa trance. A good surprise from Luminus and Star Track (the new sublabel of Hommega production). It is not mixed but the tracks blend nicely and seamlessly into each other with no breaks. Best tracks: 3, 4, 6 & 7. As track 7 states: Have Fun!

Favorite tracks:3, 4, 6, 7

Review by : Shahar

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