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November 17 , 2018
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Mechanix - One Man Game

 ( Yage ,  Jan. 2007 )

01. Monoblock - 146 bpm 02. Neutronix - 145 bpm 03. Candy can do it - 143 bpm 04. A True Story - 145 bpm 05. Tears of Anger - 144 bpm 06. Power Edit - 144 bpm 07. Trance4Nation - 145 bpm 08. The Shimonaizer - 146 bpm 09. Few Years Later - 145 bpm 10. Nati on Acid - 143 bpm

Mechanix is Eldad Ben Ezry from Jerusalem. He's been involved with psytrance for more than 10 years, having released his debut album almost 4 years ago through Doof Records. In 2006 he was excessively busy releasing many tracks in different compilations and his own compilation Pump Fiction. Now he has just released this second album through Yage Records, a relatively new label based on Gothenburg, Sweden.
The mastering was made by Tim Schuldt at 4-CN studios and the music sounds deep and clean.

Before checking the tracks it is interesting to keep in mind that this album did not follow the "long build up, boom boom" recipe, it relies on something different in order to work, and it works fine.

The music begins with the sample "Click the red bottom for a trip to space". This first track is a groovy trip at 146 bpm, with the trademark Mechanix bass lines, probably one of the most dance floor friendly tracks here, which means it's a bomb. Neutronix (T2) presents an even stronger kick and insane synths, a funny and energetic track, I like it from the start, and it was the first track to catch me on the album. Candy Can Do It (T3) is one of he slower tracks here, but it is packed with different bass lines, synth lines and an original sample part, in fact after he sample the track goes crazy.

A True Story is my favorite track on the album; it develops at the right pace bringing something new every minute, with many bass lines and some melodies, not to mention the perfect samples:

"For years man has looked at science for answers, but now science has opened the door to the unknown.
Only one man stands between Hell and Earth."

This sample makes me smile every time. But the most interesting characteristic of this track is the way each element arrives and the kick work. Congratulations for this exceptional track, I'm waiting for a darker remix!
Tears of Anger (T5) is a track dedicated to Zolod (RIP), in which Eldad really let his feelings take control and the result is incredible. The samples "Why" and "Zolod" make me shiver. The next track is Power Edit (T6) and it has samples from the movie Spider Man 2, and some good ideas and synth work. I see the next 3 tracks as more for fun, so I'm jumping to the last track. Nati on Acid (T10) was the last track to hook me, but now I have no choice but to dance along these bass lines. It was a nice choice to close the album, 143 bpm with good samples and synth lines.

In short the album is tight and reaches its goal, which is to deliver high quality night music while remaining true to the original Mechanix style. I'd like to add that also the album is nice for home listening, probably because of the bpm range and the discrete melodies.

Recomendation:  This second Mechanix album is recommended for those after night music with good sound quality and ideas. The music here does not rely on explosive build ups or high bpms, but on the way each element is presented and connected with each other. The album has 10 previously unreleased tracks, and its first half is really worth checking.

Favorite tracks:1, 2(!), 3(!), 4(!), 5, 10.

Review by : full_on

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