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February 25 , 2024
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Pump Fiction

 ( Yage Records ,  Feb. 2006 )

01. Mechanix - Pump Fiction - 146bpm (6:59) 02. Xerox & Illumination - High Fever - 144bpm (6:55) 03. Neuromotor - Children in the Dark - 145bpm (7:27) 04. Hyper Frequencies - Rhythms of Peace - 145bpm (8:27) 05. Damage - Sweet Suffering - 148bpm (7:11) 06. Mechanix - No Doubt - 146bpm (7:07) 07. Toxic - Serious Damage - 146bpm (6:52) 08. Rabdom L - Thermal Dispute - 144bpm (6:40) 09. U Men - Retro Punk - 143bpm (6:08)

Pump Fiction is the second release of the Swedish label Yage Records.
It’s compiled by Mechanix (Eldad), a well know artist from Israel, that released his debut album three years ago and is being releasing his characteristic tunes on many labels. Eldad choose the name of this compilation and spend a lot of time selecting the tracks for this compilation, a process that took more than 6 months. The mastering was made by Tim Schuldt and sounds good. The cover shows sort of a woman into astral projection, interesting drawing by Diffus.
Eldad starts his compilation with one of his own tracks. Not another night track, a real trademark track, carefully worked, the way the different synths mix together is perfect. Exceptional track, one of his best tunes to date. Signed with another of his meaningful samples. I can say this is night music the way I enjoy it, well crafted and not too noisy, powerful without the need for guitars or excessive distorted synths. Excellent track. What we have next? Nothing less than Xerox & Illumination (T2), which needs no introduction. This is a bit more night oriented than the usual XI music, the bass is pumping, and there are many layers of effects and synths. The music got that involving atmosphere (like in 7 days) that makes me dance and the different bass line was a very fortunate choice. This works on the dance floor, very good track. Neuromotor (Frederic Talaa) is another established name in the night scene, he is well-known for producing energetic tracks, but this one (T3) is a bit different. I really like the way this track develops, it is always adding something new, the music flow in the right direction and very important: not too noisy. To me it has nice psychedelic elements and atmosphere, and is one of the best tracks on the Neuromotor - Bloody Reality album released on Acidance Records. I think maybe it could have an ending a little more energetic, but maybe that was exactly what Fred didn't want. Good track. Next track (T4) starts with sort of a chanting, and is a more steady track... There is a sample: "I have a dream..." I hear some distorted synths that throw me against the wall... Good effects, liked the discreet hypnotic touch, but it seems something is missing here.
In the beginning there was a sample. And God said: "Let there be bassline". And there was a bass line, a fat bass line. And God the saw that the bass line was good, and made a crazy bass line. Sorry, couldn't hold myself I loved the sample:
"I'm sure God has its tricks...
He could get in and out in places no one else can...
Into your mind..."
And right after: “The suffering... The sweet suffering...”. Damage is Deon from Cape Town. I didn't like his debut album, but sometimes I enjoy his tracks on compilations. And sure we got something crazier here (T5), this is the faster track here (148bpm), and it broke the sequence adding something stronger to our trip. Impossible not to dance while those synths pierce my brain, I hope God is not there. Exceptional track. Eldad take control of our journey again, at 146 bpm, a good follow up for the earthquake Damage. It's another steady track (T6), with interesting sound games, Mechanix style. Very polished and psychedelic track, it seems to never end, just keeps growing and growing, but never gets too noisy. It sure makes me dance, another favorite. Next we have a nice follow up to the previous one. Same bpm, and it also has some nice sound games. It's an interesting track, not repetitive, it has many different melodies and even some melody notes on it. Well placed sample: "Feel the power of God!" It is a relentless track, surely works on the dance floor. I must confess I never heard Rabdom L music before, so this is my first time (T8). The bass is intense, not powerful, but involving. There are some synth notes creating an atmosphere and when I least expect the track is pumping... Sample I can’t understand. Sounds like it works well on the dance floor, I’ll keep an eye on this project. The last track (T9) by U Men starts with kind of a rhyme:
“I’m here to tell the story,
The story that has to be told,
I’m here to uncover the glory,
The glory of the old gold.
What is old got new again,
And what is new will soon be old…
And remember: everything you hear is real, it began in[none the future…”
This is the slowest and shorter track here, and a nice track to close the album, in fact the last three tracks have some points in common, giving it a nice feeling for home listening. It’s a decent track to close this great compilation.

Recomendation:  I recommend this release for anyone who like more "clean" and polished night music. This is a solid compilation. Did I say solid? I should have said MASSIVE, I liked most of the tracks and some of the stuff here is high above average. It could have one more track or a remix, but other than that it is an excellent night album, and it keeps growing on me. And the best is that it is different from the usual “dark stuff”, specially the Mechanix tracks, with his techno touch and a high production level. If you’re looking for some well crafted gems for the night you can stop looking and do yourself a favor, buy it.
Favorites: 1(!!), 2(!), 3, 5(!!), 6(!), 7(!), 8.

Review by : full_on.

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