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February 24 , 2024
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MFG - The Prophecy

 ( Phonokol ,  1996 )

1. The Prophecy 7.20 2. Magnetic Activity (total eclipse) 7.31 3. Alternate Dimension 7.21 4. Overload 9.17 5. Illumination 9.25 6. New horizon 7.32 7. Hypnotized 9.11 8. Shape the Future 10.48 9. Mystic Dawn 7.39

This CD was done an era ago. Released in 1996 (some of the tracks were recorded earlier) it has tracks from times when working in a studio meant just that- WORK. Loads of it. If you wanted to make psychedelic electronic music back then, you had to know your stuff, and be prepared to spend long hours in a dingy smelly studio, sweating out every note and effect. That magical time in the history of trance music- 1994 to 1996 - has produced some of the deepest and most developed tracks and albums, from artists all over the world, the list of which is too long to mention. Some say that those times are gone for good…

Well, it's a good thing that CDs are made of that stuff they are made of, that enables us to listen to those classical tunes that were recorded so long ago with such ancient technology (things move pretty fast in the world of sound), and this particular CD is an excellent representative of them times.

The prophecy (T1) starts with a slow build up that develops into a mellow groove, explodes in a giant beat break, and turns into a spacey melody that combined with a stomping beat make up that special MFG sound. A nice track to start things on. Magnetic activity (T2) enters in a loud bang of a very characteristic bass drum beat that bangs at you until the melodic shift an min3.30 from where this track floats on waves of massive synths and little psychedelics droplet sounds that are simply wonderful.

Alternate dimension is a track that is true to its name- it is different. My personal favorite, it has a stomping quick beat with a very active bass drum, which actually sounds like its sampled from a real kick drum. The melody is on the frantic side and so are all the FX used, to create a great piece of music. Listen to the build up at min6.10 and know why.

Overload (T4) changes the groove a bit and sets the mood for the rest of the album. This track is a very powerful piece of psychedelic Goa. Slightly nitszhonotish in melody, it's a positively groovy morning track, done to perfection. The beat does not stop till the great build up and climax from min7.45, with every note in its proper place. Illumination (T5) continues the trend, adding a more aggressive beat and an unforgettable tune, played with strings (I mean violins and chelos) that is simply monumental. New horizon (T6) pounds steadily until a great build up from min3.50, and from there it's a great ride through some funky melodies to be stopped by the opening chord of Hypnotizer (T7). A blow horn starts a very flowing set of chord transpositions, beat breaks and build ups, which are both interesting and uplifting. Shape the future (T8) starts very dramatically. The entrance in min1.25 is one of the finest ever written, and it sets of a great beat, from which a spooky melody slowly evolves. Another great build up in min 6.30 and another one three minutes later make a great piece of music, growing from darkness to light, like a story with a sad beginning and a happy end.

The trip ends with a traditional chill out track (wasn't it these guys who invented this tradition?). Mystic Dawn (T9) is a strong morning tune, victorious and full of drama that gently halts you down.
This album is considered to be one of the greatest achievements of Israeli trance and it lives up to the expectations. With more then three years of perspective, after huge technological leaps and global musical diversification, this album still sounds interesting and powerful. Its beats are hard and the melodies lose non-of their uplifting ability, regardless of the years that passed or the number of times you heard it. You can hear echoes of this album in a lot of music that was done since then, and it influenced just about everybody.

Recomendation:  A must have CD. If trance music will ever have a classical music section, this is one of the classiest there will ever be.

Favorite tracks:2, 4, 5, 6, 8.

Review by : GuyShanti

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