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October 20 , 2021
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Natural Born Chillers

 ( Aleph Zero ,  Dec. 2004 )

1. Ishq- Alaya 11:13 2. Anahata- Shakti 7:10 3. Zen Mechanics- A New Philosophy 11:19 4. Jirah- Disconnect 8:28 5. Agalactia- Monochrome Rainbow Pixie 9:10 6. Cosmic Fools- Be Yourself 6:31 7. J.Viewz- Estha 5:09 8. Son Kite- On Air (MIDIval PunditZ remix) 6:11 9. Omar Faruk Tekbilek & Steve Shehan- Ya Bouy (Shulman remix) 7:00 10. Eastern Spirit- Under Water (part one) 6:29

Natural Born Chillers is the first compilation from the rising Israeli Chillout label, Aleph Zero Records, which lead by Yaniv Shulman and Shahar Bar-Itzhak. Two guys that you can really trust to find for you the best chillout tunes, wrap up in a colorful cover and supply the best setup for a pleasant listening. Well, except the home stereo and some additional substances that might even improve your experience. But thatís not what this review is all about.
The compilation kicks off with Alaya by Ishq. The term kick off would be seriously cynical in this case, cause if this track lacks something, kick drum would be it. This is a soft, beatless track, just the stuff you likely to have from Ishq. Nice and chilling opening for the compilation. Next up is Anahata with Shakti. The sleeve mentions some guy by the name of Matte Gillard as the responsible for the tune. I never heard about him, but he sounds a lot like Bluetech, although more on the minimal and dubby side. Very nice track indeed. The next tune is A New Philosophy by Zen Mechanics. This one starts with a rhythm that reminds me a lot Massive Attackís Sly but continues with dubbier laidback feeling. Next tune was written by Tim McCall aka Jirah. Disconnect continues the same vibe that Zen Mechanics' tune started but with more intricate beat and more twisted sounds. Agalactia is up next with Monochrome Rainbow Pixie. This is the tune that really starts the compilation. Wonderful flute melodies are accompanied by deeper than deep bass and intricate twisted sounds. This tune reminds me Ott a lot and that is nothing but a compliment. One of the highlights of the compilation. Cosmic Fools with Be Yourself are next and although the trackís buildup is very confusing, the guys (and the girl) deliver one of the most emotional tunes of the compilation. The vocals are amazing but unfortunately too repetitive and un-evolving. Good effort though. J Viewz is next with Estha, and I am sorry not to have more words in my English vocabulary to praise his music enough. His music is just getting better and better, which seems nearly impossible to me. This is a great but painfully short tune. MIDIval PunditZ are behind the next track which is actually a remix to Son Kiteís On Air tune, which was one of the biggest progressive trance hits last year. MIDIval PunditZ skillfully render Son Kiteís euphoric melodies into pleasant sitar and flute lines and lay them on smooth percussion. Lovely tune. Shulmanís remix to Ya Bouy by Omar Faruk Tekbilek & Steve Shehan is the next tune, and itís the candy that was kept for the end of the compilation. Shulmanís trademark sonic manipulations are at their best here and interact perfectly with the middle eastern flavored melodies of the original track. This is what I call a great remix. After the previous disappointing Shulman remix for Sub6ís Ra He Ya I wasnít expecting much from this one but I was, surprisingly enough, blown away. Eastern Spiritís Under Water (Part One) is the closure and it perfectly wraps up the compilation with distant whistles and ethereal pads.

Recomendation:  Well, if you are looking for a nice collection of chilled tunes to pass the cold winter peacefully this one is for you. Aleph Zero prove once again that they have the best ears in Israel to deliver us chilled beats from around the world.

Favorite tracks:5!!,6,7!!,8!,9!!

Review by : Pavel

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