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March 1 , 2021
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Need for Speed 2

 ( Metatron ,  May. 2006 )

01. Burn in Noise - Psy Drugs - 7:53 02. Z-Machine - East Generation 2006 Dance Mix - 7:36 03. Luxor - Mexican Theme - 6:45 04. Sidhartha - Tranceform - 6:31 05. Killer Buds - Organize - 8:41 06. Technodrome - New York Baby - 7:46 07. Insane Logic - Face to the Road - 7:52 08. Karma Crop - Killer Crop - 6:13 09. Technodrome vs Karma Crop - Ignition - 7:01 10. Nemesis Divine - Last Man Standing - 7:30

Need for Speed 2 - In Speed of Light was compiled by Dj Edell. It is the fourth release by Metatron Production, and as happened with their previous releases there is no mention to bpms and track times. The mastering was made by Sidhartha and sounds very good. All tracks have 145 or 146 bpm, except for the last track, which has 144 bpm. The cover art and design was created by Edi Reifman and looks like some metallic 3D structure with a green background.

Gustavo Manfroni (Burn in Noise) starts this compilation with Psy Drugs, one of his best tracks, which also makes it one of the best tracks in this compilation. This was one of the most played tracks at the Earthdance Festival - Brazil this year, always sending the dance floor to space. Its groove and psychedelic effects make me trip and dance, the samples makes me smile, and the last 3 minutes when it gets more energetic you can be sure I'll be jumping. Yes, this first track is perfect, but there is more juice inside this release. For example, all 4 tracks in which Nuno Santos (Sidhartha) is involved are interesting (tracks 3, 4, 8 and 9), my favorites between them are Tranceform and Mexican Theme. In fact, Sidhartha - Tranceform is a contagious track, I found it a joyful ride. The "New York Baby" is also a good number from the Israeli duo Technodrome, it is energetic and danceable. I can hear some GMS influences on the Killer Buds track, some groove in the middle; it is an average track by them. Closing this fine compilation at 144 bpm is Nemesis Divine, a project from Israel that I never heard about before, but the track is good, specially the last half of it: deep bass lines!

The other tracks I didn't mention are not bad, just not my taste. The Z-Machine track sounds too commercial to me (I'm sure some people will love it), and the Insane Logic don't call my attention as much as the others here, but this doesn't mean they are not well produced. Also it is good to remember that this compilation features 74 minutes of music, 10 previously unreleased tracks, this is a positive attitude from Metatron Production, I'm tired of releases with only 9 tracks and some of them already released.

Recomendation:  This is a highly recommended full on release, featuring 10 previously unreleased tracks by artists from Israel, Portugal and Brazil. It fits my taste and has much more useful tracks than the average full on releases these days. Really worth checking.

Favorites: 1(!!!), 3, 4(!), 6, 8.

Review by : full_on.

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