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June 27 , 2019
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New Generation

 ( Organik ,  May. 2004 )

1. Dick Trevor vs Aphid Moon- Blinking Lights 9:51 2. Aphid Moon vs Organik- Happyland 9:11 3. Organik vs Jerry Parsons- Hot Cakes 8:09 4. Error Corrective- Switch 8:15 5. Voice of Cod- Just a Ride 7:47 6. Organik- Electric Eel 9:33 7. Alchera- Pole Star 7:32 8. Mr. Biscuit- Oil Crisis 7:25 9. Unconscious Collective v Organik- Neptune Driver 10:04

Organic Records are out with their 7th release, I did not know what to expect from it and I'm happy to say I was pleasantly surprised. Let's dive in shall we?

1. Blinking Lights- Our journey begins with a basic baseline that repeats itself in a very predictable manner implying that it is about to explode into the main part of the track. You can definitely feel that is not your typical neo full on trance track. The mood is very adventurous and the music takes us deeper into lines and added riffs of percussion and scratchy synths. This track finally relaxes at the end with a well placed sample…
2. Happyland- I have no idea why this track is called like that, it is super serious at 144bpm not wasting anytime and going right into old base drum and such a hypnotic rolling line... clever stereo games, old instruments, just a beautiful skill work all around. This is a progressive track with full on elements. A blend of the old and new, something special here.
3. Hot Cakes- Stepping up the bpm and delving deeper into the meat of the compilation, Chris Organic teamed with Alan Parson's son- Jerry Parsons. The results are excellent. Another old school feeling track with a new edge to it. Intelligent games and manipulations of percussion here, these guys should work more together, very clear separation of sounds and layers that keep playing games and twist at the climax.
4. Switch- The feeling I get from this one is of the first parties or tracks I ever heard. Not in the sense of quality, but in the depth of emotion I felt from trance music, something that naturally gets jaded through the years. The experience is substantial here and this is a dark track. I have never heard much of them (Nick and Dan) and I am wondering why that is. An underground feel of a dark UV light, British space with stomping dancers all around is what I get from here.
5. Its Just a Ride- This is my favorite track by far on the compilation. The samples on it are so refreshing, they actually make me listen and think, not urging anyone to do more drugs, or saying some out of context trippy words... this is 100% intended lyrics to make your wheels turn. 143bpm cruising and atmospheric pads, but the samples are carrying this track into your far away realms in your mind. Dreamy riffs and rays of sunlight with this one... I get chills from it... at the end you have to remember, "It's just a ride".
6. Electric Eel- Finally Mr. Organic on his own. Slimy track, electrified as the name suggest, pitch changes on delays and a very strong drive into a dark structure. Very dancefloor oriented, yet without a heavy kick or bright shiny base. I think if this track is played at the right time it can cause some major havoc at a party.
7. Pole Star- I did not connect to this very much, something in it is in conflict with my ears, and the baseline is not driving the track the way I think it could go. It's engineered well sound wise but I just don’t link up.
8. Oil Crisis- High tech trance from Mr. Humph lots of groove, very different from the rest of this compilation, perhaps the deliverance from darkness into the light of the morning. Indeed a melodic story escalating and the groove is getting stronger, I like everything about this track. Everything seems to be working in harmony here, very well thought out and produced.
9. Neptune Driver- I dig the intro segment then right away with a short sample we launch into a very fat synth that is hovering above everything here, very warm feeling. Great use of samples again, I'm tending to think its Colin's brain behind those ideas as was with track 5. Silly twists and bouncy sounds. I believe the samples are from "Futurama". Tricks and tweaks and a floating feeling that are just what the doctor ordered after the long voyage.

Recomendation:  This is not your typical release, it blends the sounds of the old with the new, there is a definite feeling of trance, less of dance floor and more of old school psy. I dug it very much, I like how the different collaborations worked out with each other and not against. Original, bold and refreshing concept for 2004.
Favorites: 2, 3, 5, 8, 9.

Review by : Gadi Vered

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