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March 1 , 2021
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New Order 2

 ( HOMmega ,  Aug. 2009 )

1. Riktam & Bansi- No Fear 125bpm 7:15 2. Nyquist- Cubanism 128bpm 7:32 3. Ticon- Juan from Colombia 129bpm 8:43 4. Liquid Soul- Spell 130bpm 7:42 5. Schatsi- Dead End (Yotopia remix) 130bpm 7:07 6. Lish- White Buds 128bpm 7:36 7. Khainz- High Pressure 128bpm 7:32 8. Ido Ophir & Miki Litvak- Meshugaim 128bpm 7:25 9. A. Balter- Art Off 126bpm 7:17

A lot of time has passed since the release of the successful compilation New Order that has almost changed the face of the scene with great tracks from extremely talented artists. Thanks to that big achievement Ace Ventura became one of the most respected and sought after projects in the scene. Here again he has gathered 9 previously unreleased tracks to satisfy the needs of the present-day music followers under the impregnable wing of Hommega Productions. Let us see what this has compilation to offer.

The big phat spatial undetermined bass line backed up by the thin arpeggios all heralding a marvelous arrangement and well thought production. What just might sound silly, is actually perfect when applied in the right time and space (T1). A nice track full with emotions. Cheezy synth marks the start of the anticipated track, and we are instantly taken by the fluffy house percussions with a juicy snare, opposed by the many hi-hats from which the end product is a well driven bassy, hypnotizing track (T2), which is not my type of java actually, but I reckon that it will do wonders on a crowded sunny and grassy dance floor. Sharp and tight are the words here, a place where every note has its abstract location, every drum does its job and every melody touches the heart of the intended listener. Nothing less expected from the masterminds of the Ticon duo. A totally Nordic experience, which keeps the best for end when the track goes wild, obliterating the motor skills on the half tranced stomper when the grinding and excited synth bombs the crowd (T3). Open air sweetness!! It gets heavy when nearing the middle of this compilation. The kick is spiky and the dynamic bass drives the hell out of the your internal organs when played loud. Nicola sure has his way of doing things. A small repeating vocal in the background is there to achieve the disco feeling and when you get enchanted from the “Spell” the break takes you even higher, as high as a danceable peak can be (T4). We are engulfed in positive vibes this time and an earthy arrangement with a lot of stereo sounds and somewhat groovy broken bass. The track gets a lot of sounds in its short life span which properly presented may give fine results (T5). Cosmic disco stuff is on its way as the easy going casual rhythm makes the ass shaking movement spread across the floor (T6). As we are getting near the end we are presented with the latest techno innovations from the usual suspects as Khainz , Ido Ophir , Miki Litvak and A. Balter. Every track has its own moments. More or less everybody knows what's coming. A slow moving heavy bass lines and some nice greasy drudgery rhythms makes the most of this one (T7). Promising at the start, but pushy and a bit hostile towards the end. Too bad for such a marvelous production (T8). And last but not the least, some traditional ideology combined with the modern techniques has got us to the last track of this CD (T8), which makes a descent ending for a nice sounding compilation.

Recomendation:  This compilation is not to be missed due to some high quality tracks and the tendency to keep the pace with the modern times. The artwork is showing us that the best music is produced by the influence of the technology and women.

Favorite tracks:1, 3 (!!), 4(!), 8.

Review by : Kikola

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