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June 27 , 2019
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Obsessiv Progressiv - compiled by DJ Kokmok

 ( Hadra ,  May. 2009 )

1. Barak- Evolution 7:32 2. Echotek- Sub Rewire 7:29 3. Aerospace- Free Fall (Sensifeel rmx) 6:55 4. Funky Dragon- Why 7:41 5. Cezzok- Red Planet 6:22 6. D-Root- Vision Oblique 7:06 7. Ritmo- Discovery 8:10 8. Ovnimoon- Believe in Yourself 7:56 9. Cyklones- White Doors 7:08 10. Lunarave- Nothing's Real 7:26

Discovering the world of electronic music back in 1995, DJ Kokmok had to find the electronic style that suited him the most. After attending the Boom Festival, by which he was fascinated, learning the power of the DJing skills was his top priority and slowly but surely he got the upper hand and started to play music in a local residency called “Two Up cafe”. Establishing a non-profit organization Transubtil, he engaged himself in promoting the trance culture in the South of France. Joining the French label Hadra Records came next and so far the results have been the release of 4 albums and 12 compilations from Hadra. Let's see what this one has to offer.

Sticky and smooth, clubby rather than chubby, we beat on with a diverse and ear-licious piece (T1). The elastic groove and the usual bass magic create the raw vibe atmosphere in which the beats are the major focus (T2). Another Echotek bomb! Sonic peculiarities and the synth squeals make this track darker and mellower with balanced intensity that goes all the way to the end (T3). With a slightly higher threshold we head on, as the crisp production twirls the cluster of sounds (T4). Shy beat with restrained manners, made in the old fashioned branch of knowledge (T5). The sounds got tighter and more dynamic when we arrive at the middle of the compilation. D-Root has made a reduction in the distance between the diversity of the styles (T6) with his trippy, paddy piece that came out from a tiny spark of inspiration. Trancy moments fly all over the place, as we expect something heavy to hit us, but the bass line just stays broken. Nevertheless, you get used to it and start shaking (T7). Ending it in perfect Israeli fashion: mending the bass a little, adding some diary melodies and ta-da! You got the perfect recipe. This was the highest attainable level, because as we get nearer to the end of the CD the atmosphere gets looser and lighter. Ovnimoon has his ways of finding the perfect spot with the excited and precisely accurate artistic form of auditory communication (T8), whereas Cycklones used the more dynamic and soft way (T9). The ending is marked with a lot of succession of musical tones to form a whole entity on which I wouldn't stay lingering on the dancefloor.

Recomendation:  Clearly originality was the main intent on which this compilation was built. More or less the goal was achieved hence it's unlike the other releases streaming on the scene. The artwork is showing us that using proper melody and visualization can lead us to a psychological state induced by a magical incantation.

Favorite tracks:1, 2(!!), 6, 7(!).

Review by : Kikola

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