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May 23 , 2019
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Oforia - Inner Twist

 ( Yoyo ,  May. 2006 )

1. Heaven On Earth (144BPM) 2. Adrenalin (Vs Onyx) (144BPM) 3. Spiders (145BPM) 4. Return Of The Machines (Ft. BWicked) (144BPM) 5. Show No Mercy (Vs Time Lock) (145BPM) 6. Art Beats (142BPM) 7. Unusual Game (144BPM) 8. Inner Twist (144BPM) 9. Dragon Ball (145BPM)

Oforia is Ofer Dikovsky from Israel. Inner Twist is the 3rd album of Oforia released by BNE/Yo Yo Records. This album was greatly anticipated especially since I hadnít heard much from Oforia in a moment. Ido Ophir/Domestic @ Domestic Studios, Israel, mastered the CD. The CD cover design was made by uzigraphics.com. I thought the artwork was a bit freaky but donít let that scare you. Letís get down to listening to this CD already.

The CD starts with (T1) Heaven on earth, which is indeed almost like the title. It opens with a short introduction and gets straight down to business. Full on bass line with nice synth lines. It has a nice dreamy feel to it while still maintaining punch. This is what I call high quality professional full on/ feel good music done right. We are at a good start. Next up (T2) Adrenaline is collaboration with Yaniv Goldfarb better known as Onyx. It is a semi-fast track at 144 BPM. It has the sample ďMy mind is going, there is no question aboutĒ. Itís a groovy number with some nice catchy synth lines. Again this track is constantly moving and has a nice progression. Some Squelchy 303 sounds over some smooth stabs. The second part of the track I can hear Oforiaís touch to it. It also has a nice sample that sounds almost like ďI'm going to leave youĒ throughout the track. Moving along (T3) Spiders, a good track with some guitars in the middle. I normally donít like guitars but it seems to fit the structure and in good taste here. Again here towards the end some really BIG leads taking you higher and higher. (T4) Return Of The Machines features Bertin Katz AKA B-Wicked. Itís a good tune, but I didnít really enjoy the lyrics and singing. (T5) Show No Mercy features Time Lock. When I saw the cover I was anticipating this track to be exactly what it is. This is Full on & driving trance at its best. ďAll power signatures in green, trajectory is good, hyperspace coordinates awaitĒ and then back to those big melodies & fat bass line. This track can defiantly fit into any full-on morning Djís set. This is one of my favorite tracks here. (T6) Art Beats is another track that sticks to the theme of the CD. Itís a little slower @ 142 BPM. Itís powerful and innovative yet maintains Oforiaís signature style. (T7) Unusual Game has a sample that has been used in another track by Dynamo ďIs there life on mars as you look up into the skyĒ. This is an average track with good melodies towards the end. (T8) Inner Twist the title track of the album now sounds a lot like the rest of the album. I think Oforia has done a great job in the sound. The overall sound of the whole album is constant. (T9) Dragon Ball is only 144 BPM but sounds much faster. Maybe it has something to do with the fast percussion and melodies. It has some Epic melodic lines on this one. Good way to end the cd. I think there is a lot of connection between the tracks and gives the album a great theme.

Recomendation:  This CD has super quality production. All the tracks would seem to work well on the dance floor. Many could argue that there is some pretty standard full-on trance here. However it is packed with some fresh ideas and some signature Oforia sounds. I would recommend this album to anyone who wants to listen to good music with quality production.
Favorites: 1, 2, 3, 5, & 6.

Review by : Jeto.

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