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June 19 , 2024
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Onyx is DJ Yanniv Gold Farb, born in Israel 1976, started playing music at the age of 15 when he got his first electric guitar for his birthday from friends. Later on Yanniv also played bass guitar with a hardcore/metal band (Brutal Platoon) that had a big local success and performed live among others with British famous bands Exploited and Carcass.

In the age of 18, Yanniv started his DJing experience in a big alternative rock/new wave club (The End), where he was the residential DJ on weekends. In 1995 the new and fresh Goa psychedelic trance shocked him and he fell in love with it.

After playing his first parties in Israel he left to Japan and lived there for about 4 years, played as a DJ mostly in Tokyo clubs but also outdoor parties. In 1998 he visited India for 6 months vacation, where he was busy playing week after week in the mountains of Parvati Valley and Kulu Valley (Manali).
In Japan, together with his Turkish friend DJ Sancar (OTG), they started Arcadia- a successful party organizer and CD distributor. In Japan he also started to make his own music.
In summer 2000 the group split out and Yanniv went back to Israel to create his new label Bionics and built up a new studio in the north of the country. In Israel he also got his Sound Practical Engineer degree and these days he makes music under the name Onyx, perform as a DJ in parties, and produce music and sound for new talents in the psychedelic trance scene.

He compiled three compilations for Bionics: Reborn, Future Link & Direct Out. And released the following tracks: Onyx & Sundance- Burn & Transform (Digital Tribe), Onyx- Red Meat (Future Link), PerPlex vs. Onyx- Utopia (Exodus),Onyx- Raves in Paradise (Direct Out), Onyx & PTX- One for Eight (Direct Out), Onyx- Red Meat (redmix) (Mental Case).

He DJs and performs live on his own and together with PTX around the world.


Phone ++972-54-490674

E-Mail: onyx@bionics-records.com

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