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June 27 , 2019
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Orientation vol. 4

 ( Dacru ,  Aug. 2008 )

1. Aquila- Alice 7:09 2. Alternative Control- No Break (Nemesis rmx) 6:49 3. U-Recken vs. Nitro- Eternity (Peace Maker rmx) 7:39 4. Life Extension- Electric Body 7:53 5. Gataka vs. Apocalypse vs. Gilix- In My Mind (DNA rmx) 7:19 6. Sigma- The Last Minute 6:47 7. Sufi- Mindreader 7:22 8. Re:actor- One Step Further 6:58 9. Digicult vs. Fatali- The Return (Alpha F rmx) 6:48 10. Chronos- Solid Mercury 7:50

Itís time for another compilation from Dacru Records concentrating on pure melodic full on. Most of these tunes sound massive, and when I mean massive I mean deep rolling bass lines with lots of shifts, huge melodies and a general feeling in some tracks of a newer Astral Projection. Lots of remixes here too, 4 of the 10 tracks are remixes. With most I donít even know the originals, so I canít go into a lot of detail here. Peace Makerís remix to U-Recken vs. Nitroís Eternity (T3), for example, is so massive and melodic that I canít imagine the original being better. But, as I said, I never heard the original so I canít really judge. What I like about this compilation is the fact that it manages to be melodic without becoming cheesy. The CD can bring a smile on your face, yet still retains a great psychedelic feeling throughout the tracks. The mastering brings this home too, Johannes Reigneir (Silicon Sound) has done a terrific job here, and his expertise in the full on realm can clearly be heard in the loving digital perfection heís performed here. It was compiled by DJ Nemesis, who did a good job of making this sound like a DJ set. The tracks do have pauses between them but overall it still feels like a set. The prominent names here like Alternative Control, Gataka, U-Recken & Fatali should give you an idea of what this is all about. Iím not really going to point any favourites here because all the tracks have a certain edge to them. In this day of Israeli full on going bad with vocals and stupid experiments that donít really help the music itís refreshing to hear a full on compilation that does the job RIGHT. This is what this kind of music is supposed to sound like!

Recomendation:  It all boils down to this. Do you like your full-on with an edge, big basslines, great melodies and lots of drive to it? Donít hesitate and get this. It has the edge you needs.

Review by : Acidhive

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