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June 26 , 2019
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Orientation Vol. 5 - Compiled By DJ Nemesis

 ( Dacru ,  Jul. 2009 )

1. U-Recken - Stop Time 7:43 2. Beatnik - Qilin 7:58 3. Peace Maker - Fulki 8:10 4. Krunch - Never End 2009 7:48 5. Twilight - Drop It 7:02 6. Electro Sun & Brain Damage - Hypnotic Voices (Ephedrix rmx) 7:42 7. Lamat vs. Smosh - The O.Z. 7:23 8. Aquila vs. Sufi - Novas 7:21 9. Chronos - 754B 7:54

It's time for another compilation from Dacru Records. It seems only yesterday I reviewed volume 4 of this series, but hey, that was released almost a year ago already. Anyway, a new chapter in this ongoing series, which is again compiled by DJ Nemesis and again got a few well known artists and consists of massive melodic full on with no cheese added, thank you. No vocoders or lyrics here... Letís give a short impression of the tracks. U-Recken kicks off with Stop Time, a delightfully deep stomper with a massive chugging bassline and a nice melody. Beatnik continues in that vein, but places more emphasis on the melodies, especially towards the climax. Great stuff that makes me feel like Iím standing in front of the ocean, partying my ass off on some beach party. On to Peace Maker (T3), that gives off lots of nice vibes as well. Krunch (T4) make Never End a lot deeper sounding in the 2009 version and it gets all the better because of it. Twilight is back after his debut and this track is just like his album. Atmospheric synth beginning that reminds me of that old Silicon Sound album, Pure Analog. Great track. It gets even more melodic when Ephedrix remix to Electro Sun vs. Brain Damage's Hypnotic Voices (T6). Big melodies, massive bassline, the works. Lamat & Smosh deliver one of the least melodic tracks on here, itís nice for an in between tracks here and it has this driving feel to it, like a train that keeps going and going. Aquila & Sufi go massive again, but weíre used to that by now. It's acidlines all over the place in this one. Nice track, again, like the previous one it's not too melodic. It sounds just like Aquilla's album, although a little less massive, probably because they collaborated with Sufi on this one. Still, a good track. Finally, the CD ends off with Chronos, who delivers a massive melodic sounding track. It reminds me of Protoculture. I wonder what happened to him lately. Mastering is great, cover artwork smooth and colorful as always and itís packed to nearly 70 minutes of music.

Recomendation:  And there you have it: this is great stuff. DJ Nemesis sure knows how to pick Ďem. If you like your full on melodic, fat and still not cheesy, you should definitely check this one out. I donít have any downers here, but I do have favorites...

Favorite tracks:1-3, 5, 6, 9.

Review by : Acidhive

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