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December 10 , 2018
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Panick - Lab-O-Matic

 ( Neurobiotic ,  May. 2006 )

1. Menace To Society 2. Blind Sensations 3. Radioshake 4. Incsoc 5. Lab-O-Matic 6. Cronick Candy 7. Class-X 8. Cap Zion 9. Jibjab 10. Manic Miner Edit

Nick Laniado is the man behind Panick, a psychedelic trance project focused in the music structure and the assembling of different elements in a synergetic way. Panick's debut album was released in 2003, and in spite of being very different from the full on being released at that time got positive and enthusiastic feedback. This second album comes out with the same quality of all Neurobiotic Records releases, it couldn't be better. The cover is futuristic and I don't think I got its message, so let's move to the music.
The first track set the pace for the album, which can be easily listened from the beginning to the end without any abrupt changes, but don't think it's a boring release, it's just the opposite, packed with light and darkness on the right dosage this is one of the best Israeli full on releases of the year. Also I found it exceptional to home listening, it has a continuous flow that makes it less disturbing than the regular "full of breaks" full on. Most tracks here will move the dance floor, so I recommend the wise DJs out there to avoid playing the more formulistic and already overplayed tracks like Jibjab, Incsoc and Cap Zion, and try to mix more original and still fresh tunes like the edit to Maniac Miner, Lab-O-Matic and Blind Sensations. Yes, sometimes some tracks sound like Infected Mushroom or Sub 6, but not enough to label Nick's music as "unoriginal", in fact with this album he confirmed the verdict he got with his debut, of producing original, fresh and effective full on. The album total playtime, including the bonus track "Maniac Miner Edit", is around 65 minutes, which is not much for 10 tracks, and this means some tracks are shorter than the usual psychedelic tunes. Since this music really makes me dance instead of complaining about the short album length, I'll listen to it again.

Recomendation:  I recommend this release to everyone who likes full on, from home listeners to the professional DJs. Lab-O-Matic is one of the best Israeli full on album released this year. Surely it's a good way to spend your money.
Favorites: 1, 2, 10

Review by : full_on.

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