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December 10 , 2018
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Perfect Stranger - Learning=Change

 ( Iboga ,  Mar. 2006 )

1. Starter 8:28 2. Dr. Feelgood 8:31 3. Morning Blues 8:03 4. Those Days 9:08 5. Hyperdrive 8:21 6. Truth 8:39 (with Emok) 7. Nobody's Perfect remix 9:00 8. Desert Session 10:39 (with Zen Mechanics) 9. Schatsi- Radio Schatsi (Perfect Stranger remix) 6:50

A couple of years ago Yuli Fersthat decided to kill BLT after 4 albums and uncounted EPs & compilation releases, and turned into a Perfect Stranger. This is the first album after this change. A change that came out of learning apparently. Like all of Yuli's albums, BLT or not, Learning=Change is best appreciated after many many times listening to it. Only after the tracks have already burnt their channels in your neurons, when you know them without knowing them, the little things that make them so great start to pop up. In that aspect, this is real trance music, it is seemingly hypnotic, monotone and simple, yet there's so much in it once you stop listening. Zen.

Starter is just what it claims to be- an excellent introduction and a good hint for things to come. Yuli manages to capture here what is for me the favorite moment in the party. The moment when light comes in, no sun yet, and it's still hazy. Pre-dawn in a beautiful nature. The moment when you first see that you're surrounded by beautiful people dancing together, all looking in each other's eyes and smiling with the knowledge that night is over, that we passed it together and the sun is coming soon. A moment of bliss, joy and optimism, yet with a melancholic streak through it, because I already know that these moments in life are not that common. Melancholy of knowledge, but never sadness or pessimism. This is present in a way in the whole album, as is the power of emotion, the real strength in trance parties for me. Most obvious examples are Truth, Those Days & Hyperdrive.
Yuli also manages to capture a lot of what I can only refer to as old-school-trance-spirit and cloth it in a totally modern and new outfit. Standing out in this aspect are of course Those Days and the Radio Schatsi remix and also Morning Blues, in a very different way. As always the album also features unnaturally grabby grooves and ass shakin moves- best examples being Nobody's Perfect remix and Dr. Feelgood. We also get a real party stormer that fit its name exactly - Desert Stormer, together with Zen Mechanics, and a glance back to the 80's with the great remix to Radio Schatsi.
As expected you enjoy here massssive sound and production that infiltrates the space around you, regardless of where you are.

Recomendation:  There is something very reassuring for me in the fact that Yuli still makes trance music. For me, together with few others he is in many ways the spirit of trance as I love it and vision it. I hope he stays around a long time. This album is a must- a true joy and a chance to learn and change, as well. And remember- take your time- good things come to those who wait!

Favorite tracks:1, 4(!), 5(!), 6(!!) 8(!!), 9. But I really like it all.

Review by : Shahar

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