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January 22 , 2022
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Pigs In Space

 ( Phonokol ,  Jul. 1998 )

1. Invisible Contact 8:20 2. Visitors (part 1) 7:39 3. Who is Feeling Normal? 8:43 4. Solar 8:25 5. Some Mental Symptoms 8:44 6. Visitors (part 2) 7:40 7. Man With No Name Presents: Yogy & Grey One- Big Troubles in Outer Space (Oforia Remix)7:51 8. Now and Beyond 8:36 9. Heliotary 7:34

After what seems to be an eternity of collaborations with his mates, to create some of the best trance music ever made (Indoor, Tandu, Phreaky), Ofer Dikovsky has decided to take all matters into his own hands and go solo. A brave move considering the fact that his mates being Avi Algranati, Marco Goren and Dino Psaras, are some of the most gifted writers and producers Israel and the world of trance are blessed with. First there was Oforia- Delirious, and now Pigs In Space, an album in which Ofer shows us what he has to offer (dikovski) and contribute some of his originality to the local sound.
From the very first seconds its clear that an attack is on its way. Once the intro ends and the base drum kicks in on Invisible Contact (T1), the sound and groove are unmistakable and very powerful. The main melodic lines switch from sweet to grindy to funky and it works well. Visitors (Part 1) (T2) continues the groove that basically never stops to the very lest bar of this CD. The off beat skip in the beginning of this track and the main tune entrance in the middle of it, make Visitors into a classic.
Who Is Feeling Normal (T3) and Solar (T4) dig deeper into the night with heavy beats and grinding, trippy melodies that turn into a tribal beat in Some Mental Symptoms (T5). Unfortunately, Visitors (Part 2) (T6) is no match to its first part and does little than fill the gap to T7 (which has the longest name in the world). Here, mixed by Oforia, it sounds trippy and energetic and sets the scene for the closing two tracks, Now And Beyond and Heliotary. These two are brilliant morning tracks with optimistic and flowing melodies that make a great ride come to a gentle stop.
All through the album, the sounds used are BIG: heavy base, drums and percussion is used in every track and it makes the album sound very tight and bigger then life. It's a very intense and loud journey with a good mix of grinds and uplifts, it has an excellent groove in most parts and the melodies (especially on tracks 2, 8 and 9) are simply beautiful.

Recomendation:  Two small tips: Check out the artwork- it is great. And second, don't turn off your CD at the end, there's a surprise. This is not a CD to chill to though it is possible. Stick it on and dance.

Favorite tracks:2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 9.

Review by : GuyShanti

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