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June 26 , 2019
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Positive Prototype

 ( Proton Records ,  Apr. 2005 )

1. Miracle - The Beginning 140bpm 6:33 2. Alternative Control - Positive Prototype 140bpm 7:13 3. Pop Stream & Elastic - 145bpm Frost 6:30 4. Aquatica - Discotech 146bpm 7:31 5. Zen Mechanics - Evolver 145bpm 8:35 6. Eskimo & Substance - Enough is Enough 148bpm 6:55 7. Inner Action - Rolling 145bpm 6:35 8. Z Machine - Killer Machine 145bpm 7:04 9. 2 HI - Bad Azz 143bpm 8:35 10. X-Noize - Daylight Hallucinations 145bpm 8:13

This is the debut compilation of the newest Brazilian label Proton Records. It has a high tech cover art by Iandub and was mastered in Israel by Yaniv Shulman. The CD is mostly yellow. I really miss a cd sleeve here, but at least inside the folder we can find the bpm for each track.
The first track is a collaboration between the label manager and owner of Proton Records, DJ Bishop and the all around the world famous 'Sesto' Matan Kadosh. This track with lower bpm fits well the start of this compilation, it has a mix of groove and power, some strange breaks, nice melodies and a good dose of psychedelic effects and distorted samples, I like it. Next track gave the name to the album. It starts in a melodic way and develops into something more psychedelic and even energetic, in spite of the low bpm.
Makes me dance, and it's good to be dancing when the next track strikes me, higher bpm, we're going up here and when the sample says "Touch the sky" I'm already there. I'm smiling as the melodies are being played in different layers of sounds... The Com.pact star, Aquatica, arrives to make me move with a powerful groove and a bass that shake me fully! One of my favorites here, Discotech is an epic track that contains uncanny melodies. When I heard the sample "All eternity is our playground", I looked at the track name and thought that no other name could be more appropriate: Evolver is a long journey into the outer space realms, full of space related samples that makes my mind trip, wondering what's up there... Another favorite here. "Eskimo is the responsible for these earthquakes", that's what I answer to my neighbor when he knocked at my door complaining about the 'Dinosaur screams' that are coming out from my apartment. And when he said "Enough is
Enough!" I just replied "All right, that's the name of the track, but you should ask on the Unidentified Session instead of knocking at my door". Enough of jokes for now, this track is really a 148 bpm dance floor monster, but I miss something in the end... No problem, because I'm steadily dancing with next track... Seems like it never ends! I like it, kinda hypnotic but always building up. Not my favorite here, but a good intro to the Z Machine track, 'Killer Machine' that's the track name we hear in the sample. It has a huge bass lines and different layers of sounds and melodies. One more favorite! Night has arrived and with her Daniel Costa (Vibra) and Marcelo V.O.R., two pioneers on the Brazilian psytrance scene. This track has a
lower bpm and is a darker atmosphere when compared to the others, but is no worse. This long trip evolves smoothly, but like the night it holds some surprises... To finish this already successful debut we have an X-Noise track which has samples from the movie Donnie Darko: "...Daylight Hallucination..." and "I know this is gonna sound kind of weird, but... Do you know anything about... time travel?". Good samples (and movie), but this track is not my style.

Recomendation:  This high quality debut confirms that Proton Records was born to be respected as a professional label. Carefully worked tracks, high production level, some well known artists and some newcomers as well,
everything sound far above average. The total time is around 74 minutes, which leave us with 6 empty minutes, but since we got 10 tracks, I think its ok. What could be better is that it could have a sleeve with track names and bpm's. Recommended to home listening and to DJs who want some top-notch productions on his sets.

Favorites: 3, 4(!!), 5(!!), 8 (!!), 9.

Review by : full_on.

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