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June 24 , 2019
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Psycho Abstract - Living in a Continuous Dejavu

 ( Neuronal ,  Jul. 2005 )

1. A Children's Game 7:55 2. I Dreamed that I Flew 8:01 3. Living in a Continuous Dejavu 7:10 4. The Degraded Sonic Body 9:27 5. Psinject 7:49 6. Scan for Scandinavians 8:20 7. The Same Words 7:08 8. Without Time 8:28 9. Strict Patterns 7:24

It's been a while since you've read a trance review from me and there are two reasons for that- one is that I'm very busy and the other is that it's been a while since a trance CD moved me enough to make me want to review it. About a month ago I got another trance CD of the many I get- the cover definitely caught my eye- which also doesn't happen much. The artist name didn't give me much hope starting with 'psycho', but the great album name made me put it in and press play- and it played till the end, and then again- and since then I've been taking it around with me to friends and we've been having some really good sessions with it- This is the CD and it's just an excellent trance album from an unexpected direction.

Psycho Abstract is Raul Jordan of Spain, and this is apparently his second album, though I've never heard of the guy before. Living in a Continuous Dejavu offers psychedelic dust raising trance music, strong atmospheres, grabby grooves, time-altering story lines, and diverse moods and sounds and with no fear of good melodic moves that come in good taste. The whole album is just fun to listen to and keeps taking you places- all tracks are good, though the last three kinda loose it a bit. Outstanding chapters in the journey would be: I dreamed that I Flew (T2) with its dark sucking psychedelic atmosphere and hard digging groove that takes you higher and higher- what a flight indeed!; Psinjec (T5) that flirts with old skool full on Chakra style, and the outcome is a monster anthem that gets me dancing around in the room again and again; and also Living in a Continuous Dejavu (T3) with it's non-stop-stupid-smile-on-my-face feel and The Degraded Sonic Body (T4) with its no nonsense penetrating power approach. All the rest are nice as well.

Recomendation:  An excellent surprise with some real monsters and an overall good journey for the mind and body. Is there anything revolutionary here? No. Just a fucking good psytrance album- something very rare these days. Totally worth the money!

Review by : Shahar.

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