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October 26 , 2021
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PTX - Participate In The X-Periment

 ( Bionics ,  Apr. 2005 )

1. Participate in the Xperiment 7:13 2. Who the DJ is? 7:09 3. Better-fly 7:33 4. Toxic Part of Town 7:10 5. Face It 7:11 6. Politically Correct 7:11 7. Bluetooth Generation 8:17 8. Wonderland 7:22 9. Outro Electro 5:36

PTX is Patrick David Chen, a veteran DJ with some releases in the past. He has been working on his debut album for quite some time now and the result is finally here.
The album starts with Participate In The Xperiment which shows the PTX style in different angles. A combination of hard night style with minor touches of sunrise feel, he makes a good choice in placing this track here. PTX looks for the DJ in the next track (T2)- probably one of the best here. The cliched sample ruins the fun a bit, but not enough. This is a powerful track with strong psychedelic (and even goa like) screeching melodic lines. Better-fly is a lighter, easier to digest, fullon track, nothing special in this one. Toxic Part Of Town (T4) is indeed toxic. It sounds like a modified version of Who The DJ with the same amount of power, brought together in somewhat different techniques. Face it takes the "night" concept even deeper, with almost a minimalistic track which I can say only one thing about it - dig! (T7), Bluetooth Generation, has a promising beginning which slowly develops into a very fun track. Wonderland comes next and it's the most bizarre track on the album. Psychedelic noises together with weird noises all over make this one a very enjoyable track. Having a chillout track as the last track has been a trend for some while and it's not different here. Outro Electro(T9) is a dreamy piece of music which ends this well done album.

Participate In The X-Periment is one of the best night full on albums I've heard in quite a while. It has variety - each and every track is on its own, something which is rarely seen in artist albums. The music brings something new while keeping some favorite elements from past music, making a fresh album which is a great pleasure to listen to. It could have been longer since it feels like it ends too early. The album is only 65 minutes and an extra track (not necessarily trance, maybe a freestyle track like the last one) could have been great.

Recomendation:  If you're into night music - this one is definitely for you. Bionics is a small label with big qualities, and this release, just like any other release they put out, is worth having.

Review by : Mike A.

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