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July 14 , 2024
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 ::  Illumination

Amir Dvir, was born in 1981 and currently lives in Tel Aviv, Israel. His musical career began at the age of nine, when he started playing guitar. From that point, the path towards playing in underground heavy metal groups (in Israel) was short. The turning point into the electronic music was shortly after he purchased his first PC computer with simple Sound Blaster card. He started using only audio software such as Scream Tracker, later to be followed by Impulse Tracker. These were the early, very early days of the Internet, and trackers, as they were called, were helping each other with advice concerning the tracking programs. That's how he discovered trance.
At home, he began writing and producing original music that got released on compilations under the name Luminus. During that period, he met up with DJ Shuki Edri. They later started producing music together. Together with Shuki and on his own he released lots of tracks on many compilations.

Under the name Luminus here released 3 albums: In 1998 he released Journey into your Dreams (in Star Track, a short lived sub-label of Hommega), in 2000 Hypnotica (Hommega), and in 2001 a collaboration with Perplex- Luminus vs. Perplex- Plexus (Trancelucent).

He also released a lot of tracks on compilations:
Luminus- Luminus Angel (Shiva Space Technology Israel, Millennium), Brain Forest- Beyond Teller (Shiva Space Technology Israel, with Roy Sasson from Shidapu), Brain Forest- Concept in Tribal (TripOut, with Roy Sasson from Shidapu), Luminus- Baby’s Fairytail (Over the Sunrise), Luminus- T.M.O. (Trance Generations), Luminus- Pikaboo (Ptzatzot), Luminus- The Freak Show (Ptzatzot 2), Luminus- Roadrunner (Trance Experience 4), Luminous- Blue Shiva (Shiva Space Technology Israel 2), Luminous- Fantasy (rmx) (Shiva Space Technology Israel 2), Luminos- Freek Show (Virtual Trance), Lominus- Silicosis (Virtual Trance), Luminus-Project X (Shiva Space Technology Israel 3), Holymen & Reverse Psychology & Luminus- Micro Play (Holy Men- Intelligence Genetics), Luminus and Reverse Psychology- Micro Play (remix) (Eyal Barkan- Good Morning Israel), Luminus- Silicosis (rmx) (Spiritual Moves), Luminus- Galaxy to Galaxy (Analog Reflections, Alien Nation), Mental Orange vs. Luminus- No More Nightmares (Analog Reflections, Alien Nation, Malfunction), California Sunshine- Coming Home (California Sunshine- Flying Eye Land, California Sunshine- Wonderland, Analog Reflections, Tantrance 9), Luminus- Total Consciousness (Full On 3), Luminus- Diablo (The Digital Dance of Shiva), Shiva Luminus- 13 (The Call of Shiva), Plexus- Supreme Being (Lightbeams, Yellow Sunshine Explosion 2).

As time passed, Amir felt the need for something new and fresh, which resulted in his current project- Illumination. Illumination is the beginning of a new era and is the evolution and growth of Luminus.
Today, after releasing a few co-operations with Xerox, they decided to make an album together and to make a whole new live act. The new Xerox & Illumination album Temporary Insanity- was released in Hommega in May 2004, and was accompanied by the Temporary Insanity EP, released through Kairoo. Lately they have also made a few co-operations with veteran artists such as Sandman, Chakra and Passenger.

As Illumination he released: Illumination- Crystals (Full On 5, Destination Goa 10), Illumination- Escape (Full On 6), Illumination and Perplex[/none/- Real Magic (Israliens 3), Xerox & Illumination- In and Out (Xerox- Frequency Drive, Indian Spirit), Xerox & Illumination- Marley on Acid (Israliens 4, 7 Eleven), Xerox & Illumination- Domination (7 Eleven), Xerox & Illumination- Temporary Insanity (Nu-Clear Visions of Israel), Illumination vs. Ion- First Experience (AI part I), Illumination- Meditation (Buckle Up), Shulman- Small Grey Creatures (Illumination remix) (B Trance), Xerox & Illumination vs. Sandman- Resolution (Full On 7), Xerox & Illumination- Night Shift (Life).

Apart from creating music and performing all over the globe, he is working as a sound engineer in recording studios in Israel.

Equipment (Illumination & Xerox Studio):

Mackie 24x8bus mixer

Waldorf Pulse synth

Waldorf MicroWave XT synth

Access Virus synth

Korg MS2000 synth

Clavia Micro Modular synth

Clavia Nordlead synth

Roland SH 101 synth

Roland MC303 Groove box synth

Roland JP-8000 synth

Novation Basstation Rack synth
Akai S3000 sampler

Alesis Midiverb-4 multi effect

Zoom 1204 multi effect

Yamaha multi effect.

DBX 226XL compressor X2

Event 20/20 monitors

RME HDSP Multiface soundcard

Roland PC - 200 keyboard controller

Harrison Xi-600 Studio amp

Running on 2.66GHz Pentium 4 PC with any plug-ins available

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