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June 26 , 2019
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 ( Hadra ,  Jun. 2005 )

1 Shilum Bamba - The Door Is Open... 6:59 2 Sine Die - Synthetic Life 7:34 3 Barak - Savage Driver 8:30 4 Inner Action - Signs From The Sky 7:01 5 Cycle Sphere - Driving Under The Influence 7:41 6 Suria Vs. Spectra - Neuractive Sound 8:01 7 Hergma Vs. Sine Die - The Teleporter 8:17 8 Sesto Sento - Magic Ball 7:40 9 Jaia - Epsilon 8:10

After a successful first compilation, Hadra Records is back with a second compilation, this time inspired by Morrocan culture.
We open the door in the first track by Shilum Bamba. The track pretty much defines the rest of the compilation - take some mad dark psy and add some psychedelic morning music and get the music featured here. Sine Die - Synthetic Life is a more spooky version of that style. Barak speeds up to 147 bpm with Savage Driver(T3). A bit disappointing after 2 excellent tracks - sounds like there is no progress in the track. In the fourth track we get some Signs From The Sky from Inner Action - getting harder now. Not a single quite moment in the track - all packed with voices and noises. Track 5 sounds like an upgraded track 3 - Cycle Sphere manages to keep the track flowing and interesting with intense power. Suria joins Spectra to form Neuractive Sound - a fast and powerful melodic track together with the mandatory noise of this style, but just in the amount needed to make it solid instead of chaotic. Hergma joins Sine Die to teleport us to another dimension. Track 7 is definitely one of the best here. Full of sound, groove, power, and just about anything a track like this needs. Almost near the end, and Sesto Sento adds their Magic Ball, or should I say magic touch? Stereo games and grooves with 0% cheese. For the final treat we have Epsilon by Jaia. First of all I must say that when I first heard it the first thing that came to my mind is "WTF". After hearing it some more times I still think "WTF". Don't get me wrong, this is a great track and I quite enjoy it - but what does it have to do with this compilation? 8 tracks of "killah" music and then we get this progressive club trance thingy. How about a Jaia vs Sine Die for the next compilation? That should be nice :)

Anyway, this is quite indeed a successful compilation. I don't usually listen to this style and to be honest I try to stay away from it. But Hadra surprised me - I actually enjoy the music here. Really enjoy. This is stuff I personally hear for the first time (maybe it was done many times before, but never reached my ears) - and I like it. Hard fast and twisted together with some old school and melodic influences, yet not cheese inside.

Recomendation:  Get it!

Review by : Mike A.

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