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June 19 , 2024
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Sesto Sento

 ::  Ferby Boys

Sesto Sento are Matan Kadosh (Born 1983), Aviram Saharai (Born 1985) and Itai Spector (Born 1985) from Afula in the north of Israel. Matan started his trance era at the age of 15, he started to collect music and a year later he started DJing in underground parties. Aviram discovered trance at age of 14, a year later he begun producing music for fun. Itai is making music since the age of 14, and it was Aviram who got him into trance music. One day the three of them gathered together and made their first track ever Soap Bubbles. Since then they started to work on music more seriously, concentrating both on full on as Sesto Sento and the more technoish direction as Ferbi Boys. They use audio only.

They compiled the BPM & BPM2 compilations for Agitato and released in SST the Sesto Sento EP. In October 2002 they released their debut The Inner Light through Com.pact, their second album- The Bright Side- followed at November 2003. As Ferbi Boys they released the Ferbi Boys EP through Hadshot Hahizar in November 2002. All that between excessive travelling and playing at parties in Israel and around the world.

Also they released the following tracks on compilations: Sesto Sento- Soap Bubbles (New Frontiers), Sesto Sento- O.B. Beats (Joker Files v2, Interact), Sesto Sento- Common Modra (Chillum vol. 2), Perplex vs. Sesto Sento- When I'll Know (Perplex- Dynamic), Sesto Sento- Sabastel Tunnels (Under Construction 2), Sesto Sento- From Led to Gold (BPM), Sesto Sento vs. Gataka- Muse (Memory Flash), Sesto Sento- Boobla Cartoons (Digital Tribe), Sesto Sento vs. Intergalactic- Smooth (Cosmopolite), Sesto Sento- Datura & Sesto Sento- M M Wars (USTA mix by DJ Zoo-B), Sesto Sento- The Year 83 (Mammon- the dark star), Sesto Sento- Sentomental (Electric), Ferbi Boys- Free George Blow (Emergency Exit), Sesto Sento- Clockwork (Encoder), Sesto Sento- Alchemistica (2002 edit) (Future Link), Sesto Sento- Solero (BPM2), Sesto Sento and Intergalactic- Sarcastic Bee (Virtual Memory), Sesto Sento- Follow Me (Goa 3), Sesto Sento- Sentomentos (Made to Measure), Sesto Sento- Sneaky Sneaky (Raja Rams Stash Bag volume 2), Sesto Sento- Getting Fused (Yellow Sunshine Explosion Vol. 4), Sesto Sento- Freakshow (Gataka Remix) (The Maia Factor), Lish- Brain Rush (Ferbi Boys rmx) (Air Gate), Sesto Sento- Sabastel Tunnels (Lish rmx) (Air Gate), Gataka & Sesto Sento- Go For It (Gataka- Drop the Mask), Gataka & Sesto Sento- U.V. (Gataka- Drop the Mask), Ferbi Boys- Ferbi Boys (1st Compilation), Sesto Sento- Sestomentos (Star-X rmx) (The Natural Waves of Sound), Sesto Sento- Alchemystica (Time Lock Remix)(Monarchie IV).

Matan also collaborates with Moti Siboni as Gataka.

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