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March 1 , 2021
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Salam Alikum

 ( Shem ,  Apr. 1999 )

1. Non Fiction- Salam Alikum 6:57 2. Ananda- Omagama 6:11 3. Electric Bible- Ell Ramadan 6:11 4. Non Fiction- The Swoop 8:56 5. Sycholoop- The King Say 6:26 6. Space Baby & The Godfather- Radar Beep 6:57 7. Ananda & Sphinx- Amathys 6:39 8. Non Fiction- Taking Control 10:01 9. The Godfather- Beauty of Heaven 6:38

Great compilation, very powerful, full on, dancing stuff.
This is an oriental trance CD, and it is Nitzhonot, but quality ones. Basically this CD is Non Fiction, Sycholoop & friends CD. There is a hint here about Nissim Ben-Maor's (Non Fiction) new sounds and they are something to wait for (I know, I already had the privilege of hearing some of his new tracks- real blasters!).
The CD starts with Non Fiction's Salam Alikum (meaning: peace on you, in Arabic), it starts with a relaxed melody that hovers around and brings in the beat and the victorious melodies. Before two minutes has passed you get the monumental Arabic melody coming in with force. Nice guitar lines and a beautiful Darbuka entrance- quality victorious trance. Track two by Ananda (Osher from sycholoop) brings more Darbukas, emotional melody and spacey sounds, nothing new, but nice. Track 3 is my favorite here, it starts very massively with some electronic whipping and mysterious sounds in the background, again you get the Darbuka drumming with a lot of other oriental musical elements and the sample- Allah 'u' Akbar- god is great, in Arabic. The Swoop (T4) is another Non Fiction track, probably the best one here- nice psychedelic bubbles start fading for very energetic guitars, nothing too complicated but with a lot of energy. Then, the question pops up: "Is anyone here using drugs?"- The answer is right there, the bubbles are back with the guitars and the big buildup with samples of police sirens, and there is no questions as to who wins this one. Track 5, The King, is just another track. Track 6 is also nothing special. Track 7 is by two thirds of sycholoop, strong distorted sounds in the beginning (a ship entering the harbour), again with guitars and darbukas.
Taking Control by Non Fiction (T8) is another interesting combination of victorious melodies, guitar lines and oriental drumming, an interesting powerful relentless track. The CD ends with another track by Nisim Ben-Maor, under another name, it's an nice interesting chilled Nitzhonot with calming soothing melodies.

Recomendation:  If you like this kind of trance (and some people don't), then this is a good buy. It's not the deepest thing around exactly, but it's fun, energetic, oriental and fun and I enjoy listening to it when I feel like simple energetic happiness. Some tracks are good, some not really. The good ones: 1, 3, 4, 8.

Favorite tracks:1, 3, 4.

Review by : Shahar

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