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February 24 , 2024
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Shulman - In Search of A Meaningful Moment

 ( Aleph Zero ,  Dec. 2003 )

1. Inner Selves 11:43 2. The Unexpected Visitor 10:41 3. A Magnificent Void 11:02 4. Consciousness Revoked 10:58 5. Random Lifelines 7:26 6. Mushroom Therapy 8:00 7. Another Paradigm 2:16 8. Instability 12:35

Go buy this CD. Open the nylon wrap, turn off the light, relax and clear at least an hour and a half of your time (you might want three available). Then sit or lye down, press play and listen to the birds sing. You'll listen to the birds absent mindedly till suddenly before you realize, the weird sounds engulf you, suck you, and you'll sink slowly into a world made of sound. Made of sound, yet still very solid, very vivid, very much alive. Here you have the chance to spend then next 75 minutes and enjoy a rare experience indeed. Every track is a world of its own. Shulman will take you through the maze of sounds back to the psychedelics of the 60s & 70s, through Indian and oriental realms with caressing and deep vocals, using flutes, piano and guitars, soaring and diving with beautiful melodies, manipulating, distorting and twisting an enormous array of computer and non-computer generated sounds, hitting dubby and jazzy spots, traveling to far away corners of electro land, and all that sprayed on impossible carpets of twisted beats and rhythms and traveling through a spiraling vortex of flying psychedelia. And while being such a complex and mind challenging musical experience, this album manages to be also a strong emotional experience, an almost physical one at times.
So, if you've been listening to psychedelic trance and psychedelic chillout/ambient for a while, you must have felt bored lately, felt like nothing is really new, and nobody is really innovating for a long time now. Well, I'm happy to let you know- these days are over!!! Shulman bring you something completely different, a challenge to the mind and heart, a magical land of sounds, fresh and full of wonders to get lost in.

Recomendation:  The most impressive, challenging and beautiful down tempo release I've heard in a long long while. Plenty of meaningful moments here- a real masterpiece!!!

Review by : Shahar

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