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September 30 , 2022
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Skazi - Animal

 ( Shaffel ,  Sep. 2000 )

1. Pissed Off 142bpm 7:09 2. Are You Still There? 143bpm 6:48 3. Expose 142bpm 7:13 4. Ironic 144bpm 6:06 5. Animal 145bpm 7:04 6. Slide 145bpm 6:52 7. And Then... 143bpm 7:24 8. Chainsaw 145bpm 6:16 9. Stealing My Memories 145bpm 7:15

When I heard Skazi's music for the first time, a year and a half ago, I was dumb struck- it was in a party, the line up was Serge from Total Eclipse with a very fast set, followed by Atmos who made every body yawn and Miko who no one could stand. When the first sounds of the awesome kick and pumping bass line hit the crowd, the party was completely thrown to bits- people started jumping and screaming like mad, marching like soldiers and started having fun after they completely lost faith in the party. I was very impressed to say the least- the brutal energy of the music- killer grooves with a punk like attitude mixed with a hefty load of sense of humor- hit a soft spot in my brain and after five minutes I too found my self expressing the very same behavior as I have previously described.
Since then, I have danced this music in quite a few parties and in all occasions the results were the same- this stuff does have an effect on people in a party. I was very curious to know how this very energetic style would sound like at home and in other places and I was just about convinced that it would be too much. I was very glad when Asher and Asaf came by and gave me a copy of their debut album- Animal, that is out on their own label- Shaffel Records, and I was surprised again- its killer stuff any where you listen to it. I mean, its not always appropriate, just like any hard music, but you can hear it again and again with out getting tired too fast. A background in heavy metal or punk definitely helps to digest this CD.
So how is the baby you ask? Its quite mad if you get my drift- The melody is smothered away right at very start of Pissed Off (T1) never to show its fluffy head again and its time to rock'n'roll kids! The bass lines and very full-blast kick are the first things you notice (hard not to) and from the first entrance you know you're in for a ride. A fast (the slowest track on the album is 142 bpm), wild and very twisty ride. The 'Don't fuck with us' sample helps to clear the matter.
The general feel of the music is a bit GMS like, full-on French style with a lot of open hi-hats, much percussion work, wild guitars and booby traps in every possible corner. If GMS would get in a studio on a very pissed off day- this would be the result. The first two numbers are an appetizer for Expose (T3) where the CD really starts rolling- this a very powerful number with a colossal guitar entrance two thirds in, and that's where you really get in to it if you haven't by now. The ride continues through Ironic (T4) with a funny lead sound that makes me smile every time I hear it, Animal (T5) and Slide (T6)- two fast and groovy tracks that create a very nice flow of music and samples. The best number for me is And Then... (T7) that is the epitome of Skazi for me- mega bass line, groovy and two brilliantly timed breaks followed by two brilliantly executed guitar build-ups. Wild stuff indeed.
Chainsaw (T8) is exactly what it's name suggests- full of scratchy Nord sounds and a very chaotic and compressed feel and the album ends with Stealing My Memories (T9) that does exactly that if you have any brain cells left at this point.
Oooofffffff... At this stage you will probably feel exhausted, if you're somewhere in the woods or if you're sitting on a couch at home. Most likely you will be smiling too. This CD, although done very methodically and professionally, full of layers and bits to be discovered in many listens, does not take it self too seriously. It's a lot of fun to say the least and its danceability factor is amazing. I am yet to hear music with such an effect on a party. The sounds are violent, the groove is rocking and the bass lines have lot of potential to cause some extreme damage to your eardrums. Some may say that its too much karahana but when you listen to it for a bit, you discover that every track and each part were massaged, each break and build up were thoroughly thought of and that a lot of work went into creating this very organized mayhem.

Recomendation:  Skazi for me are the punk of trance, wild and extreme, but also amusing and 'heart warming' in a way. To make a long story short- it's a lot of fun. I know its only rock'n'roll but I like it, like it, yeah yeah yeah....

Review by : GuyShanti

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