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June 24 , 2019
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Son Kite- Perspectives of...

 ( Digital Structures ,  May. 2001 )

1. Collection 10:09 2. (W)Holy Road in Monterrey 8:49 3. Where’s My Drum? 10:17 4. If Ashtrays Could Talk 8:24 5. Bitter Sweet 7:41 6. Driveshaft 8:45 7. Hi-Fi Stomp Session 8:23 8. Clockwise 7:26 9. Aiwana 8:49

First I have to say, that apart from a few tracks, this is my first journey into the Son kite realm, I never got to dive into Minilogue, their first album. I guess there’s just too much good music around. Well, I’ve wandered around this album quite a lot, and had good fun. Digital Structures (which the Son Kite guys are part of) proves again that it is a real quality label. This CD is interesting & diverse- it has technoish, dubby and tribal touches, and also an abundance of changing sounds. It is also atmospheric, very hypnotic, and very danceable- partly because the fluent and original way in which the kites are using the very basic and essential tool of breaks & build-ups (that seemed to be forgotten lately), and also due to the very strong drive imbedded in the tracks and CD as a whole.

Collection starts the journey with more than 2 minutes intro, broken into by a massive no-nonsense kick- I would start a set just like that- intro included. Hypnotizing track that has a little of everything, a kind of introduction to the album itself. Than comes a sudden yet fluent break in line with (W)Holy Road in Monterrey (T2). We’re on the technoish side of things here. A fast tune with a hypnotic metallic technoish feel, very monotonic, but with a great jumpy groove. It builds up slowly to a fast, frenzied mechanic climax- I like it lots. Where’s My Drum (T3) is an electronic-age shamanic tribal ritual. A more hectic and psychedelic rhythm-based tune, accompanied with a shamanic muttering chant and a strong tribal feel, very full on with a strong drive. If Ashtrays Could Talk (T4) relaxes things a bit, before we get too excited too early. A nice cyclic track, starting and finishing the same- with a freestyling trippy into and outro. This is a slow and minimal one, very percussive, tribal with a real minimal groove, accompanied by little atmospheric synth touches. Real cute. Bitter Sweet (T5) has them typical Swedish clubby-dubby floating sequences (with a very dubby atmosphere in it) and flying psychedelic effects splashed on trashing technoish line and a driving groove. Great morning-at-the-forest tune, makes me see little lights in the air. After 2 tracks that are more on the relaxing side of things it’s party time- Driveshaft (T6). The name says it all- hard monotonic techno-trance tune opening with a powerful fast and driving repetitive drumming- this is pretty much the story of this track, that is until those sneaky crafty breaks and little buildups in the end- sure chaos on the floor. Hi-Fi Stomp Session (T7) has THE DRIVE and is full of chaotic swishes & scratches. Electric-whips are flying all around in this massive highly psychedelic stopmer. Probably the most powerful dancefloor material here, will sure cause chaos in every party, in any stage. One of my favorites here. Clockwise (T8) is the only track here I don’t really like, it’s nice, but not more. Aiwana has that metallic tribal Son Kite feel to it, great darbuka sections, and a beautiful levitating melody in the back, the break and build up are there, and done just beautifully- will sweep you for sure. A great emotional tribal morning track with a lot of happiness and a great finale for this album.

Recomendation:  A very dancefloor oriented release with enough interest and diversity to serve as a good and continuous home listening experience. It has a lot of music in it- something which a lot of dancefloor oriented albums lack. Also it is a must for every DJ. Another quality release for Digital Structures. A definite “get it” from me.

Review by : Shahar

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