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August 10 , 2020
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Spiral Active - Resistance is Futile/Burning Life 12"

 ( Krembo / USTA ,  Aug. 1999 )

A. Resistance is Futile (Yakov Biton & Har-El Prusky) 8:30 B. Burning Light (Yakov Biton & Har-El Prusky) 8:14

This is a 12" featuring two tracks by trance veteran Yakov Biton (A former Growling Mad Scientist) with another veteran and founder, Har-El. This piece of plastic is filled with heavy twisted hypnotic night music, a direct assault on your mind- resistance is futile!!! The two tracks are part of the new and amazing Spiral Active Project CD.

The A side starts and the sample states right away: "Resistance is Futile!"- And they mean it! This is a heavy track, almost industrial music, very very energetic. You can feel Har-El's hypnotic lines that combine here with Yakov's merciless pounding. This track is just amazing! A truly great track.
Burning Light is a real weird track. Again a real pounding track, an assault on your nerve system, a lot of real weird sounds and distorted psycho-melodies, and a great sampling from Blade Runner- "The light that burns twice as bright burns half as long, and you have burned so very very brightly".

Recomendation:  A must for every night set- this is not easy music, but it just works for those mad hours in the middle of the night. Two great psychedelic creations.

Review by : Shahar

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