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February 25 , 2024
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Spiral Active Project

 ( Krembo / USTA ,  Jul. 1999 )

1. Resistance is Futile (Yakov Biton & Har-El Prusky) 8:30 2. Space Jam (Yakov Biton & Banzi) 7:24 3. Sykov Megalitic Yakov Biton & Simon Posford) 7:15 4. Grand Lioen (Yakov Biton & Jazz) 7:07 5. Subshaker (Yakov Biton, Riktam & Banzi) 7:23 6. Crow rmx (Yakov Biton, Riktam & Banzi) 9:00 7. Ghost Buster (Yakov Biton, Gidi raz) 8:27 8. Burning Light (Yakov Biton & Har-El Prusky) 8:14 9. Grounded (Yakov Biton & DJ Goblin) 7:16

A new CD from Krembo for trance veteran Yakov Biton (A former Growling Mad Scientist), where he combines his talents and skill with those of some of the best artists around, to create more than 70 minutes of heavy twisted night music. This is a direct assault on your mind and he takes no prisoners. The CD is nicely built, starting loud and heavy right away, then getting more and more psychedelic testing the limits of your brain. Right when you feel you can't take it any more, things ease up a little (just a little) to leave you stunned and shaking.

The CD starts and the sample states right away: "Resistance is Futile!"- And they mean it! This is a heavy track, almost industrial music, very very energetic. You can feel Har-El's hypnotic lines that combine here with Yakov's merciless pounding. This track is just amazing! My favorite here. Then comes Space Jam with Banzi, this track actually appears on Arsim on Acid, A funky psychedelic track. Sykov Megalitic (T3) is a team up of Yakov and Simon P., this track was released on Twisted's Dementertainment, a beautiful psychedelic story with an amazing collection of flying psychic sounds, very complex piece of music.

Grad Lioen (T4) starts the real heavy loaded part of the CD. This one is of the grinding kind, very dark, rhythmic, with relentless pounding non-stop toped by twisted psychedelic sounds splashing around, but beautifully built- a merciless middle of the night track- there are moments that it's just too much. Tracks 5&6 are a reunion of Yakov with his former GMS friends. Subshaker (T5), a heavy psychedelic creation with great scratching sounds and a dragging groove pounding non-stop on your brain. Track 6 is a remix to The Crow from GMS's album, Chaos Laboratories. Again, a very psychedelic track, coming after the tracks 4&5 this can really be too much- but it's a great middle of the night music. Ghost Buster (T7) with Gidi Raz (Nada) eases things up a bit. This track was released in a different mix in Psychedelic Krembo part 3. This is the happiest track here, almost a morning track, with a strong melody, but still very very psychedelic and intensive. A perfect track for the hour before dawn, when the light is already there and all are waiting for the sun to shine.

Burning Light (T8) is another cooperation with Har-El, this is a real weird track. Again a real pounding track, an assault on your nerve system, a lot of real weird sounds and distorted psycho-melodies, and a great sampling from Blade Runner- "The light that burns twice as bright burns half as long, and you have burned so very very brightly".

The CD ends with Grounded, a very airy and atmospheric track, Yakov & DJ Goblin (Psysex, Children of the Doc) bring us a combination of another bass assault and airy psychedelic sounds- I love those electronic whistles flying around all along. A beautiful psychedelic morning or end of the night track. Nice short buildups and a nice buildup to the track as a whole. One of my favorites here.

Recomendation:  This is not an easy CD- it needs a few listens before you start to comprehend what is going on. Also, this is not for the faint hearted and not for people who are afraid of difficult challenging music. It is, however, a great psychedelic creation with a story, full power, dark, night music and if you like this kind of stuff and ready for a challenge- just don't miss this! Again Krembo bring us the final frontier music.

Favorite tracks:1(!), 2, 3, 8, 9(!)

Review by : Shahar

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