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December 10 , 2018
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Sub6 - Who Needs Love Songs

 ( HOMmega ,  May. 2004 )


1. On the Ground 141bpm 6:44 2. Blox Loggers 143bpm 7:31 3. Buttersonic 145bpm 7:50 4. 7th Son 122bpm 4:11 (feat. Michele Adamson) 5. Wet 136bpm 4:56 6. Droid Save da' Queen 140bpm 6:27 7. What's in Your Mind 144bpm 6:53 8. Program Flies 144bpm 7:41 9. Out of Serenades 144bpm 7:53 10. El Novasion (trance mix) 140bpm 7:46 * bonus clip: Ra He'Ya (TV edit)

Sub6 have been "the talk of the town" ever since their auspicious entrance to the trance scene with their track To Experience on Hommega's Full on 6. With high quality sound and crystal productions all over the globe, this fraternal duo has made themselves quite a name before coming with their debut album.

1. On the ground- has a very short intro that quickly introduces the "Sub6 sound"- punchy kick, thick wide bass, and lots of reverb effects and skillful percussion work on hi hats. A sample is used here, coming from afar and jumbled; it soon comes into clarity and is later used as the melody. Sounds are extremely thick on this track; I like the snare work here. The singing, I'm not too sure about as it's not my cup of tea, but it is a trend being set right now around the globe.
2. Blox loggers- starts off very originally from guitar and bass very cool hooking line they develop and a fuzzy vocoded sampled that comes in and out. As the track develops, I am reminded of a Deedrah build, the style and the breaks, especially the cuts in between segments are very clean and powerful. The end is very psychedelic and itís a shame it cut out.
3. Buttersonic- Is a continuation of the previous track. I think it could've been easily connected seamlessly and not needed to be segmented. This track offers a very driving hook in it. Concentrating on effects and reverbs with lots of percussions echoing around. Stereo manipulations, panning and other effects are all in here arranged perfectly. This is as blasting as it gets, very cool track.
4. 7th Son- Is a vocal track with Michelle Adamson. Slowing things down to 122 bpm with an introduction by Jah-nathan, this is a crossover track into the more commercial side of the business. I like it for home playing; it is interesting as a work of art. Also, I found that non trance listeners could really connect to this track as lyrics are something that most mainstream music has.
5. Wet- Rises from the atmosphere of 7th Son into a short interlude that in my opinion signifies the end of part I of this album... as we submerge into the depths.
6. Droid Save da' Queen- Is my favorite on this album, what a colossal entrance it has... I find myself making the "wow, serious stuff" face every time it starts. The bassline is heavy and the percussion is clean and energetic. The use of samples here is so good, with samples from Star Wars re-arranged, it explodes and dives deep into multi directional games of back and forth side to side and up and down. A pure dance floor joy.
7. What's in your mind- Has a very long intro and a progressive build to it. Itís a very serious track that grows on itself, moving forward and adding more and more intricacies as the seconds add on. Very intelligent work here.
8. Program flies- Is another hybrid between progressive and full on using the structure of progressive, yet as aggressive and forceful as the latter. I like the sample use here again, I like the synths, I like everything about this track, it is funny, driving, serious, witty and lucid.
9. Out of Serenades- I can hear every track in the album inside this one. Somehow everything has been combined into one element. A working mťlange of sounds that take the mood of every track, the instruments, the lines, the riffs, the games and put them into one, voila! Precisely what I hoped for.
10. El novasion (trance mix)- The original from Think Sync is a classic track and is one of my favorites of all times. I feel that although the remix is more intricate then the original, it's precisely that, which made the original so beautiful. It had so much space and room, it was much cleaner in the sense of "noise" and more affable to a relaxing mind, then again- this is the trance mix, so it is what it is, a very skilled remix.
Bonus Animation Clip: Ra he'ya (TV edit)- I like this trend labels are setting now, more bonuses for the buyers of original material. The video itself is very appealing with an amusing game of dots and lights that are synchronized with the music.

Recomendation:  Sub6 has been "on the ground" in the trance scene for over 2 years, the fact that they havenít released their debut album until now shows that they are serious about their work and not rules by their ego "to release" for the sake of releasing. This album is a benchmark in terms of quality, production, ideas and direction of trance. It is a level above their first releases, much more complex and fresh. The album has the potential to attract many new listeners to the scene as it is not the usual sound that is associated with today's mainstream psy. A comprehensive work of art prepared by two brothers from Herzelia, compressed into 78 minutes of auditory harmony.
Favorites: 2,3,6,7,8,9

Review by : Gadi Vered

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