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May 19 , 2024
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Full On vol. 6 - Trance Waves

 ( HOMmega ,  Apr. 2002 )

1. Astrix & Atomic Pulse- Scientific Reality (rough mix) 7:44 2. Oforia- Grounded 7:41 3. Space Cat- Power Up (PsyCraft remix) 7:28 4. Xerox & Freeman- Party Zoo 7:43 5. Illumination- Escape 7:06 6. PsySex- Dominatrix (Cosma remix) 7:20 7. Sub6- To Experience 8:57 8. Yahel- Revolution 8:23 9. Infected Mushroom- Smahuta 6:01

The new full on compilation from Hommega continues the trend, which began in Full On 5 - less melodies, more powerful digging. This album features mostly known artists which are veteran in the full on arena.

First on the album is Scientific Reality (rough mix) by Astrix & Atomic Pulse, a combination which has proven itself many times. Not very different from their others tracks, but it sure moves your butt. Oforia slows down the BPM somewhat, to give us Grounded, typical Oforia style with some dark psychedelic moments. It doesn't really fit the full on atmosphere of the album, but still a very good track by itself. The third track is PsyCraft remix to Space Cat's Power Up. The PsyCraft touch can be sensed in this track in a large degree, and it does only good for the track. It combines some styles, such as dark and melodic- which is very interesting to hear. After some disappointing releases from the Xerox & Freeman duo, they are back to show us that they are still alive and kicking with Party Zoo. Psychedelic bass and interesting progression throughout this track together with surprising transitions make it a nice piece of food for the mind. We Escape from the usual style with the help of Illumination. Very heavy and groovy groove, and a few goaish and very psychedelic elements makes this track a pleasant change. The Cosma remix to Dominatrix is a bit disappointing. Not much is changed, and the much praised Cosma style can be hardly felt in here. Instead we get a bizarre blend of Psysex & Cosma styles, but unfortunately it doesn't work in my opinion. Next is Sub6 with To Experience, the only new artist on this album. When I hear this track I get this strange feeling of "I've heard it before", but this track is very good still. Moving beat and good implementations of ideas. The eighth track is Revolution by Yahel. Same arrangement, same ideas - but a very big difference. No melodies but rather a few annoying bleeps here and there. To be honest, it's quite boring and Yahel should stick to what he is doing. The final track from this album is Smahuta from Infected Mushroom. Actually, this track sounds more like Yahel than the previous one. A very nice closing for the CD in my opinion. Infected are back to The Gathering times, and I'm talking about the weird transitions between parts and bizarre parts. The style is not the same, it's harder and groovier- but this time for the good.

Recomendation:  A good buy for the full on seekers. Don't expect anything new or revolutionary, but it's a very interesting listen. My favorites: 1,3(!),5,9(!).

Review by : Mike A.

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